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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 5 Recap

Gao Tianshuo helped Du Mingshan find the key to the house, Luo Yuefang tried his best to help Li Meiqi heal

In order to find ten pages, Du Mingshan rushed and broke her knees, and happened to see Gao Tianshuo and his assistant. The two persuaded Du Mingshan to go to the hospital quickly, but Du Mingshan did not appreciate it and said that she was looking for ten pages. Ten pages were about their age. But they were kind-hearted and upright, many times better than them, and the two had no choice but to walk away first. Du Mingshan naturally rushed to the air. She had no doubt that Gao Tianshuo was ten pages.

Luo Yuefang remotely controlled Xu Kaiyu to go to Li Meiqi almost. Li Meiqi was helping her old man sell millet cakes for frying. Xu Kaiyu clumsily approached and almost revealed her mouth. In the end, she was very embarrassed because she did not have enough money. Li Meiqi heard that he lived with him. At the homestay, let him come tomorrow and hand the money to the old man. Xu Kaiyu turned around and prepared to leave. Luo Yuefang warned him that if he left like this, he would let him eat the fruit. Xu Kaiyu had to pick a wild flower and gave it to Li Meiqi.

Du Mingshan found that the key was missing when she returned home. She couldn’t get into the house. She didn’t even put the spare key. She happened to be back when Gao Tianshuo came back. Du Mingshan said that she would go back to find the key, and said she would keep finding the key until Gao Tianshuo saw it. Going out to help her find it, he saw Du Mingshan being so persistent and persuaded her to find a locksmith, saying that she should stay exhausted and stay on things that are worth doing. Gao Tianshuo wanted to enter Du Mingshan’s house through the balcony to help her open the door.

Unexpectedly, the balcony window of Du Mingshan’s house was locked. At this time, Du Mingshan asked the locksmith to open the door. She saw Gao Tianshuo standing on the balcony and asked why it was strange. The two quarreled before a few words. At this time, Liao Qianman came to the house with luggage, and Du Mingshan hurriedly closed the door and closed the curtains.

Liao Qianman didn’t tell his parents when he moved in. When he heard about it, his father called and asked. Liao Qianman had to find an excuse to prevaricate. Du Mingshan also complained that Liao Qianman should consult his parents for making such a decision. Gao Tianshuo found Du Mingshan’s key with his own inference. He planned to come and give it to her, but he quarreled with Du Mingshan on the balcony because of placing things on the balcony. Gao Tianshuo was very angry and did not give her the key. The assistant was curious about him. He never gets angry with outsiders. He is angry with people he cares about. Gao Tianshuo also realized that Du Mingshan broke into his heart unintentionally, but he didn’t know whether Du Mingshan was a person he liked or disliked.

Li Meiqi was enjoying Luo Yuefang’s elaborate breakfast. The proprietress said it was a loving breakfast, but Li Meiqi didn’t know that Luo Yuefang did it specially for her. Chen Da sent an apology message again, and Li Meiqi burst into tears again. Luo Yuefang immediately called Luo Danfang when he saw Li Meiqi’s sadness and asked how to comfort Li Meiqi. Luo Danfang told him that when Li Meiqi was injured last time, he recovered after eating mustard ice cream. Luo Yuefang ran all over the area but couldn’t find it. He heard from his men that only Taipei can sell it, so he called Xu Kaiyu and asked him to buy mustard ice cream and send it to the hotel.

When Xu Kaiyu hurriedly delivered the ice cream, the ice cream had melted. Luo Yuefang asked him to give it to Li Meiqi after freezing. After Li Meiqi tasted it, she felt that this was the taste. When she thought of the sisters eating ice cream with her, she felt much better. Luo Yuefang asked Xu Kaiyu to comfort Li Meiqi. He remembered how he was being chased by his enemies when Li Meiqi helped him despite the danger, and he determined to help Li Meiqi get out of the pain as soon as possible.

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