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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 23 Recap

Captain Fu led his subordinates to post notices that Rong Aoshuang wanted to be wanted, for the people to help pay attention. Under the coordination of Ding Mao, even the concession area cooperated with the Tianjin police in handling the case, but after searching the entire Tianjin city, no trace of Rong Aoshuang was found. Captain Fu guessed that she might have already slipped out of Tianjin city.

Xiao Lanlan believes that excessive cutting and straightening will lead to a significant reduction in the area of ​​the river basin, and the water level above and below the ground will be lowered, and the ecology and climate will be affected as a result. A careful study found the engineering plan of German water conservancy experts. This time the cutting is straightforward. It is entirely to maximize the side effects. If the water level continues to drop, it is likely that the salt content of the sea water will increase rapidly, and it cannot be used for agricultural irrigation or industrial cooling.

At the same time, Ding Mao investigated the medical files of foreigners and found that there was no such person as Taibo in the qualifications of the Tianjin Ministry of Health. It should be a forgery. However, there is a record of receiving large doses of aspirin. The doctor’s name is Taibo. It was received by Rong Aoshuang’s physiotherapy clinic. Therefore, Rong Aoshuang should be Tabor. Taking a lot of aspirin can cause stomach ulcers. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Cui lunatic broke into two joints. Nine cattle, two tigers and one chicken started from that time.

Sigmund is not an ordinary water conservancy expert. He is from the Gutenberg Association. Germany is a major drug producer. Aspirin was first introduced from Germany.

Ding Mao found Sigmund, a water conservancy expert. It is understood that the German Military Medical School is best at integrating Western and Chinese medicine. The academy regularly admits Chinese students for secret training. Rong Aoshuang is one of them. These students have an association called Gutenberg. The Chinese premier of this association is Sigmund, which can explain the reason why the western medical doctor Taber and the commander of the warlord jointly opened a military factory. With Gutenberg’s backing, everything Can make sense.

Twenty years ago, Sigmund and others entered China with the help of the Mogudao virus spreading in the name of helping China. Today, the method has not changed. They pretended to be water conservancy experts to cut and straighten. The resulting panic, Tianjin’s natural conditions and political environment will become a mess. By then, they will secretly create white phosphorus bombs and initiate war.

Ding Mao wondered what “a chicken” was, but Sigmund told Ding Mao that they were also tricked by others, and even the implementation of straightening was because the data was tampered with internally, and so was the white phosphorus bomb. That man-made, Gutenberg cultivated elites, but unexpectedly cultivated a drought.

Seeing the severe drought, Zhang Shenpo wanted to do a ritual to pray for rain, and asked Lord Long to come to the town of drought. Guo Deyou came to the clinic where Rong Aoshuang was treating, and found the same red stone in the displaced house, so he hurried to the displaced house, but here he did not No one, he went to Boss Lu again to see the person who was wearing the mask before. Boss Lu was very nervous and immediately closed the doors and windows and told him about the past.

Ten years ago, there was a big drought in Tianjin, and something happened. The old river god thought it was a siren out of good intentions. The siren was a siren and must be worshipped. With this statement, I began to seek wells. Wells are the eye that connects all water sources. Groundwater is the purest. At that time, Mogu Road was just a mouse crossing the street. This statement conflicted with the idea that Mogu Road groundwater is the source of evil water.

Therefore, it is very popular among the people. Only by purifying the water in the well can the guardianship of the nine cows, two tigers and one chicken be rebuilt, the sea monsters, and the drought guards. Therefore, the sacrificial water must be by the well. Liuge or a woman with a sun pillar named Guihai was thrown into the well, and then the people who participated in the sacrifice took a red stone into it, and finally closed the well to clean the water.

Nowadays, Tianjin’s drought is almost the same as that of the past. Maybe there will be another woman who has a life of water. At this time, Guo Deyou suddenly remembered that Xiao Lanlan had been said by the masker that she was a rare water life, so Ding Mao Gu Ying and Jing People in the bureau started looking for Xiao Lanlan everywhere, but there was no news.

After thinking about it, Guo Deyou and Ding Mao Gu Ying finally found the place where Xiao Lanlan was tied up. It was an underground well, and the kidnapper was Rong Aoshuang. She was leading the believers to hold the red stone in their hands and perform some kind of ceremony. When Guo Deyou several people appeared, interrupted the ceremony and drove away the believers, Ding Mao was trapped by Rong Aoshuang’s silver bell seal.

At the same time, Guo Deyou also saw Rong Aoshuang’s childhood nightmare. She was also a hard-failed person, and behind her There was a darker behind the scenes guiding her. When Ding Mao returned to reality, he stabbed Rong Aoshuang to death with a knife, and several people were nearly burned to death. Fortunately, the captain sent someone to save everyone in time.

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