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Swap Luck 我好喜欢你 Episode 14

Tong Xiaoyou and Lu Xingcheng both expressed their opinions on Ye Mang’s dress at home. Tong Xiaoyou believes that Lu Xingcheng’s design is too data-based, while Lu Xingcheng insists that his ideas are completely correct. Lu Xingcheng also thinks that Tong Xiaoyou’s design is not suitable for Yemang when adding popular elements. Tong Xiaoyou came to the company to show the design draft to Lu Yanzhi , and expressed his doubts. Lu Yanzhi thought her design was very good, but Tong Xiaoyou was still not confident about her design. When I returned home in the evening, Lu Yan prepared the dress fabric according to Tong Xiaoyou’s design draft.

Tong Xiaoyou made a sumptuous dinner. When the three of them were about to eat, Lu Xingcheng received a call from Jiang Yan and wanted to ask Lu Xing to be the dress she designed for her. Lu Xingcheng had to put down his dishes and go to Jiang Yan. Tong Xiaoyou was a little lost when he saw this. After reading Jiang Yan’s design draft, Lu Xingcheng gave his opinions pertinently, but failed to fully express Ye Mang’s demands. He also praised Tong Xiaoyou in front of Jiang Yan. Jiang Yan felt a little jealous in his heart when he saw Lu Xingcheng’s bright expression on Tong Xiaoyou’s face.

As time passed day by day, and the date of submission was getting closer and closer, Tong Xiaoyou was busy designing the dress, repeatedly modifying, and finally finished the work before the deadline. Tong Xiaoyou asked Song Ruru to go to the supermarket to purchase, but Song Ruru was busy going to the Leopard Brother Noodle Shop to try something new, but refused, so Tong Xiaoyou invited Lu Xingcheng to go with him. In the supermarket, Tong Xiaoyou received the news that his design draft was selected. The excited Lu Xingcheng hugged him. This scene was photographed by reporters and reported that Lu Xingcheng’s unspoken subordinates.

Deputy Editor Lin found Wen Xi again and asked her to take advantage of this scandal to discredit Lu Xingcheng again. Wen Xi was unwilling, but was threatened by Deputy Editor Lin. Song Ruru was anxious after seeing the report, but the two parties were very calm, thinking that the current focus should be that both her and Lu Xingcheng’s works were selected.

When Tong Xiaoyou came to the company, she didn’t care when her colleagues talked about her and Lu Xingcheng, and she asked him not to believe it in the face of the care of Lu Xingcheng. Lu Yanzhi expressed his belief that Tong Xiaoyou is innocent. Lu Xingcheng found Dali. Dali didn’t care much about the scandal because he had been taking kickbacks with Cha Lin’s deputy editor. Lu Xingcheng asked him to investigate it quickly.

After seeing the report, Mu Yang was worried about Wen Xi, so he immediately went to find her. Wen Xi showed a shocked and devastated look in front of Mu Yang. Mu Yang was distressed and said that he would always be her strong backing. Wen Xi was moved in her heart, but eventually refused his help.

Song Ruru was worried that the scandal would affect Tong Xiaoyou’s future. When he returned home, he saw that the house was messy, but Lu Xingcheng only cared about the design, and suddenly became angry. She asked Lu Xingcheng what he thought of the scandal. Lu Xingcheng ignored it and thought it would not affect her. Seeing Lu Xingcheng’s performance, Tong Xiaoyou felt that Lu Xingcheng didn’t care about him, and felt a little uncomfortable.

Mu Yang found Lu Xingcheng to fight because of Wen Xi and asked him to explain, and Lu Xingcheng warned Mu Yang that his impulsive character would suffer sooner or later, and Mu Yang was not willing to show weakness, saying that Lu Xingcheng’s unexplainable character would sooner or later regret it. The two parted ways. Lu Mu found Ye Mang and spoke ill of Lu Xingcheng to her, said that he had unspoken rules about female subordinates, and killed his own mother. Ye Mang was shocked when she heard that, because she liked Lu Xingcheng’s work very much. After hearing Lu Xingcheng’s words, She was shaken.

When Lu Xingcheng went to the Leopard Brother Noodle Shop, he recalled what Mu Yang had said. He was about to explain to Tong Xiaoyou that he didn’t care about her. Before he could say it, both of them received news that their work was disqualified.

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