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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 32 Recap

Feng Xiaoge and Shenhuo Nu fell into the Shenyi Mountain. When they woke up, they lost their memory and were locked up in jail. They even quarreled with the guard Zhu Wei, making each other speechless. Bai Ze was able to break the two of them, so they were allowed to join the supernatural army. The premise was to win Zhu Wei to stay. However, Zhu was arrogant and wanted to take this opportunity to teach Feng Xiaoge. Ge several strokes to repel, even Shenhuo Nu did not put him in his eyes.

After the competition, Xiaolongnv gave names to Feng Xiaoge and Shenhuo Nv, and then followed Bai Ze and others to practice spells. Because the little dragon girl has no memory and does not know the magic formulas at all, she is quite unfamiliar with her use. She accidentally manipulated the water polo and accidentally splashed Bai Ze and Qing Luan with water.

Seeing this rush, Xiaolongnv kept apologizing, but Bai Ze was not angry at all. Instead, she offered comfort and took Qingluan to freshen up first. When the two elder sisters left, the little dragon girl put aside her spell practice for the time being, and learned how to weave suolin cloth with her third sister Huo Liuli. However, one inadvertently twisted her waist, and finally lay on the bed and sighed, complaining that she could not do anything. .

Although the Shenyi Mountain has a beautiful environment and many treasures of spirit beasts, after a long time, the little dragon girl feels boring and even wants to go down the mountain to play. Huo Liuli hurriedly persuaded her to stop thinking about this. After all, the human race lives in the mountain town, and the two races can no longer contact each other now. Moreover, it was because an ancestor of the spirit beast fell in love with the human race that it was used by the human race to weave the suolin cloth.

Seeing that the construction of the altar was too slow, Snake Ji ordered Ao Jie to supervise the Zhuang Ding and increase the construction period. On the surface, Aojie was ordered to act and build day and night, but in private he bravely confessed his thoughts to the water elves. He didn’t want to continue to be a dragon coward, let alone send his father to the guillotine by himself.

The water elves were delighted when they heard this, and took the opportunity to encourage Ao Jie not to give up lightly, and even praised Ao Jie as a dragon now. All the burden of patience is to save energy. When the time comes, he will surely fly in the sky. On the other side of the Dragon Palace, the Ugly Prime Minister has not been able to crack the Guixian Formation for a long time, and Snake Ji appointed Fire Dragon to lead people to guard around the island.

Linger sits and eats the mountains, and the family members of the patients come to ask for debts, so she remembered that Master had a treasure map in his lifetime. Nezha and she looked for the location of the treasure by looking at the map. After walking around for a long time, they found a small wooden box under the bed. Opening the wooden box was another roll of treasure map, which read “Healing the disease is the next best thing, and the heart is the best”. Four characters.

The riddle of the treasure left by the old genius doctor is too deep to be able to solve the real meaning in a short time, but now the family is surrounded by walls, and there is no money to eat. Nezha suggested that Linger could sell medicine to make money, so he took her to the market to struggle with umbrellas. Auntie, she would rather stay with her body than spend money to treat the disease. Ling’er couldn’t see the death and save her life. In the end, she didn’t make a profit but got a bottle of good medicine.

When the two were frowning, they accidentally saw a rich man with a big waist staggering from a distance, stopping in front of the meat bun stall for a long time, and then leaving with a painful face. Seeing this situation, Nezha and Ling’er thought about the situation. Then Nezha got acquainted with the wealthy son Zhong Qianjin under the pretext of losing weight successfully. Knowing that he is now in distress about losing weight, he was worried about seeking help from a genius doctor.

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