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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 31 Recap

Xiaolongnv asked Nezha to come to the beach not because of an urgent matter, but only to make him promise to rejuvenate the East China Sea in the future, strengthen the aquarium, and even demanded a high-five. Nezha noticed that the little dragon girl was a little weird, and was about to question the cause, but she suddenly hugged him, revealing a strong attachment and reluctance, then immediately let go and asked Nezha to go back first.

Nezha left with misgivings. Shenhuo Nv intuitively concluded that Xiaolong Nv’s behavior was abnormal, while Feng Xiaoge was worried that she would be short-sighted. Nezha said helplessly that the little dragon girl wanted to rescue Ao Guang, so she would give up easily. As soon as the voice fell, she saw the water cup split on its own, meaning an ominous sign. The little dragon girl unfolded the ancient god scroll and found the entrance according to the painting. Nezha came in time and inhaled the painting with her.

In the painting fantasy realm, the eldest princess Bai Zezheng brought Qingluan and Huo Liuli to weaving silk, and through the unremitting efforts of the three sisters, finally weaving the Sancai Suolin cloth. However, Qiongqi’s ferocity should not be underestimated. Although the last princess of the Spirit Beast Clan had sealed it long ago, in the blink of an eye, Qiongqi’s power was also increasing day by day, and the three of them could not fight it.

Qingluan thought of the extraordinary power of the gold, silver and water tokens, so he proposed to retrieve Shui Linglong first. As long as the four people work together, they can weave the four elephants suolin cloth, and it will be easy to deal with Qiongqi in the future. Huo Liuli was overjoyed when he heard this, and missed Shui Linglong as well, but Bai Ze believed that Shui Linglong, as the only magic weapon to leave the illusion of the sky, shoulders his destiny. Even if he helps them suppress the Qiongqi, it may cause even greater disaster.

Just as the three of them were unscrupulous, they accidentally ran into the little dragon girl falling out of the sky, unconscious. Bai Ze knows everything and naturally sees the true identity of the little dragon girl. It just so happens that the four elephants suolin cloth needs to be woven with the four elephants, but the water and exquisite lunar body is missing, and only the little dragon girl can replace it. Now that the body of the lunar yin has been obtained, Bai Ze thinks that the first task is to seal the Qiongqi, so when the little dragon girl enters the painting illusion and loses her memory, she mistakenly believes that she is a member of the spirit beast clan, thus helping everyone weave the four elephant lock Lin cloth.

At the same time, since Nezha separated from the magic weapon, he woke up in the chaotic forest and just happened to ran into the doctor Ling’er being chased by someone, so he saved her easily. Ling’er found that Nezha had completely lost his memory, and immediately named him Lingxi and took him back home. Nezha was so curious that he couldn’t help fumbling around, only to accidentally bump into the blood-stained grass.

Since there is no cure for the blood-stained grass, Linger, regardless of her own safety, uses her blood to detoxify Nezha. Seeing this, Nezha felt guilty, but Linger spoke to comfort him, claiming that he had tasted all kinds of poisonous weeds with his master since he was a child, and now he is already invincible. It’s just that the master died because of the poisonous “Qingqi”, so she has not developed an antidote until she heard that there is a medicinal material that needs to be found in the chaotic forest. Linger cured Nezha’s blood-stained weed poison afterwards, but she almost fainted, and Nezha had an aquarium necklace hanging on her body and healed her directly.

Bai Ze used his own skills to disperse the magical obstacles in the dragon girl. After she woke up successfully, she lied that she was the fourth princess of the spirit beast clan. The little dragon girl believed it was true, and followed the three sisters to the ancestral temple. By the way, she learned that the spirit beasts had good relations with the human races, and then Qiongqi appeared to plunder and kill humans.

The ancestors of the spirit beasts joined forces to weave the Liangyi Shu Lin cloth to help the human seal. Qiongqi. Who knows that the human race is not grateful, but even more rogue and greedy, even under the leadership of the wealthy businessman Li Wanfu, imprisoned their ancestors, and let them weaving day and night. Fortunately, some of the ancestors escaped and immediately hid in the Shenyi Mountain, using the Chaos Forest as a barrier. They have lived here since then and set up a group training not to contact the human race.

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