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The Song of Glory 锦绣南歌 Episode 26 Recap

The concubine told Li Ge, don’t think you don’t know her details, she was the murderer who assassinated King Pengcheng at the birthday banquet that day, but Li Ge pretended not to understand what the concubine said.

Toffee saw Li Ge pretending to be confused, so she ordered her to search her body, and wanted to search Li Ge’s body. Li Ge knew her intentions, anyway, the guts had been transferred, so she asked her to search.

Toffee found no courage in Li Ge, so she naturally refused to let her go easily, so she took out the dagger and asked Li Ge if she used this dagger to assassinate King Pengcheng, but Li Ge did not answer her question. words.

At this time, someone reported that the princess had come. After the princess came in, the princess directly told the princess that Li Ge had assassinated King Pengcheng, and said Li Ge had personally admitted. The princess walked to Lige and asked if what the concubine said was true. Seeing that Lige remained silent, she understood in her heart, so she slapped Lige’s mouth severely and asked her why.

When King Pengcheng was rewarding the three armies, Lu Yuan deliberately delayed the time. King Pengcheng couldn’t hold on, he vomited blood and fell to the ground and was carried back to the palace. King Jingling asked him to decoct the medicine and was about to give it to King Pengcheng. The toffee ordered Lige to walk in. She pretended to care about King Pengcheng and wanted to feed him the medicine herself, but deliberately let go of the medicine in her hand. Sprinkle on the ground.

Lige saw that the situation was not good, and got rid of the control of the people around him, rushed over to catch the medicine bowl, and inhaled the medicine in the bowl into his mouth, mouth-to-mouth feed to King Pengcheng, who was in a coma.

Lu Yuan was thinking about the next move. Master Li Ge suddenly appeared. He told Lu Yuan that General Shen used to counter the rebellion and colluded with King Pengcheng and killed many of his brothers. Therefore King Pengcheng and the Shen family were his enemies. , He gave Lu Yuan an exhibit and asked him to use it to prove the guilt of the Shen family.

The brother found out that the master had gone to see Lu Yuan, and was very puzzled, but the master was unwilling to explain to him. So far, the brother had even deeper doubts about the master.

After King Pengcheng vomited blood and fainted, Lu Yuan used the Shen family to assassinate King Pengcheng in the name, first locked up General Shen and Shen Zhi and his son, and then let Lu Yun come to the Shen Mansion to arrest people.

Mother Shen wanted to fight hard, but later found out that his youngest son, Shen Song, was hiding in the crowd, so she told Lu Yun not to mess with them, she could go with them, and said loudly that the Shen family would not be wronged, reminding Shen Song run away quickly.

In the Tingwei’s mansion, Lu Yuan asked General Shen’s family to be taken up, to assassinate King Pengcheng with his daughter and convict the Shen family. King Jingling knew that he was sinister and asked him to show evidence.

Lu Yuan asked Li Ge if she had assassinated King Pengcheng. Lu Yuan originally thought that with Lige’s hard character, he would definitely dare to act, but Lige remembered the previous explanation by King Pengcheng and denied it.

Lu Yuan also testified that Li Ge had assassinated King Peng Cheng at the Toffee’s birthday banquet, and said that he had seen it with his own eyes, but King Jingling used Lu Yuan’s mouth to say that there was no proof, and helped Li Ge to block it.

Lu Yuan sneered, took the dagger that assassinated King Pengcheng, and then asked General Shen if he knew it. The dagger was given to General Shen by Emperor Gaozu. How can General Shen not know the truth?

After listening to the source of this dagger, Li Ge was shocked. Before assassinating King Pengcheng, the master clearly told her that by using this knife to assassinate King Pengcheng, the Shen family’s suspicion could be eliminated. Evidence of the guilt of the family.

In order not to affect the Shen family, Li Ge decided to tell the truth about the matter, so she told Ting Wei that she was not the daughter of General Shen.

Lu Yuan seemed to have expected it a long time ago. She would say that, so she threw a child’s dress over. Mother Shen found that it was the same as her daughter’s clothes when she disappeared, so she hugged Li Ge and cried.

This situation made Li Ge very surprised, but now, even if Shen’s mother is really her mother, she can’t recognize it, so she throws away Shen’s hand, and says in a heartfelt manner that Shen’s mother has admitted the wrong person.

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