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Red Fox Scholar (赤狐书生)

Red Fox Scholar (赤狐书生)
Also known as: 赤狐书生 / CHIHUSHUSHENG / Chunjiang Huayueye

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Costume drama
Haolin Song, Yi Liqi
Bill Kong
Release Date: August 2020
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  • Chen Linong as Wang Zijin
  • Li Xian as Bai Shisan

Poor scholar prince enters Beijing to rush to the exam, and is targeted by the little fox demon Bai XIII, who descended to take alchemy. As long as you kill the prince and get Dan, you can be promoted to the fox fairy. But I didn’t want to take Dan Road, one person and one fox became best friends. After all the dangers, what choice should Bai Thirteen make?

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