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My Love and Stars (2021) 我的爱与星辰

My Love and Stars (2021)
Other Title: 我的爱与星辰 / Wo de ai yu xing chen

Genres: drama, Romance, music, youth
China Mainland
Lian Xin (廉欣)
Huai Yu (怀玉)
Release Date: 
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  • Yao Chi as An Xiaoyu
  • Zhang Nan as Xin Chen
  • Li Si Yang
  • Song Fang Yuan
  • Xu Feng
  • Gao Tian Ni

My love and stars plot introduction: Xin Chen (played by Zhang Nan) has worked hard in the entertainment circle for many years and got into the coffee position of a first-line actress. His career is flourishing, but because of an accident, he fell into the altar and became the new singer An Xiaoyu (Yao Chi decorated)’s assistant. Because of his career in Waterloo, he was also broken up in love. The stubborn character Xin Chen was very unwilling, so he could only find a way to come back against the wind, and tried all kinds of ways to return to the top. Xin Chen and An Xiaoyu, the arrogant son of Music Heaven, got everything together. One is a heroine with a violent personality, and the other is a talented newcomer with a tidying up addiction. What kind of sparks will it bring out? It’s the more frustration in adversity .

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