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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 8 Recap

Feng Chengjun went to the tavern to inquire about the disturbance last night, and learned from the little servant that a villain pushed Wen Bin, which caused the statue of Jiu Gong to fall and shatter. The tavern owner knew that the villain could not afford to pay, so this was all Laying on the two cousins ​​Wenbin and Lei Zexin. Lei Zexin was unwilling to have a good relationship with the students, Xue Wenxi had nothing to do but turned to Yu Lexuan for help.

Yu Lexuan gave Xue Wenxi an idea, which is to act like a baby and be obedient, which will definitely make Lei Ze less confident. Xue Wenxi tried it in front of Yu Lexuan, but Yu Lexuan’s voice was so loud, she felt a little strange. Xue Wenxi really followed Yu Lexuan’s method to beg Lei Zexin, crying, making troubles, hanging up and pretending to be weak, excuses if she was really delisted and let her sister’s expectations be met, etc., reminded Lei Zexin of his death. His elder brother, who also had high hopes for himself, finally agreed.

Feng Chengjun went to visit the eyewitnesses in the tavern. Han Shumin was willing to help when he learned about it. He also took out his purse to give it to Feng Chengjun. Feng Chengjun knew that the purse was of great significance and did not accept it. Han Shumin was a little bit disappointed, but Feng Chengjun said that she could still be friends without receiving her purse, and she felt a little better now.

Han Shengzhi took almost half of his co-student’s signature book to Mr. Li Hu of the trial hall. Mr. Li Hu handed over the list to Dean Feng. Feng Chengjun moved out the witness, Han Shumin, and Han Shengzhi was speechless. . It was found out that Wenbin and Lei Zexin had acted bravely, and Lei Zexin had performed well in recent days. In the end, Dean Feng did not remove Wenbin and Lei Zexin, but fined them to clean the courtyard and observe their performance.

Xue Wenxi took Lei Zexin to the Four Books and Five Classics class. Lei Zexin refused at first, but thought of checking Mr. Chading’s handwriting, and finally went. After Mr. Ding came, he directly moved out a jar and let all the students put money in it. This jar is the favorite antique of the Master Feng. He went to the courtyard to pick the flowers and prepared to insert it into the jar to appreciate it. When he came back to see if his beloved jar was I’m so angry.

Mr. Ding used this jar to perform some tricks. Feng Chengjun was very dissatisfied with Mr. Ding’s method. He felt that it was boring to tease the class, so he stood up and raised objections. Mr. Ding directly smashed the jar and used it to teach everyone a lesson. He also praised Feng Chengjun, who dared to raise objections. The other students knew that by watching the jokes, they were all unqualified.

When Dean Feng learned that his beloved jar was broken, he almost fainted in distress. Lei Zexin and Xue Wenxi practiced playing the flute in the dormitory. Poor Feng Chengjun became the target of the torture. Even the roommate next door was so quarreled that he couldn’t sleep, and he didn’t dare to go and blame Lei Zexin. With. The cousins ​​couldn’t stand it anymore, privately asked Feng Chengjun to find a way to save them.

Feng Chengjun couldn’t stand Wenbin and Lei Zexin, so she went to Wenbin in private, taught her to play the flute, and she taught Lei Zexin. After many days of guidance and practice, Wenbin and Lei Zexin’s flute playing skills gradually grew, and finally it was no longer noise. Several classmates came to ask Feng Chengjun for advice, but Feng Chengjun refused and asked them to go to Mr. Zhao to learn music.

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