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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 7 Recap

Xue Wenxi was punished by her husband to hand in a copy of the painting. She secretly wanted to paint Feng Chengjun in the dormitory at night, but Feng Chengjun found out and volunteered to act as her model. Lei Zexin often slept in class, and the student next door was miserable and did not dare to offend him. Xue Wenxi took the initiative to change positions with the student and sat next to Lei Zexin. In the arithmetic class, Xue Wenxi practiced Danqing. The arithmetic teacher appreciated Xue Wenxi’s arithmetic talent, and did not blame him, but offered to teach her the Danqing skills in private.

Xue Wenxi has been following Lei Zexin for a while, studying in a decent way. If he wants to be a bad student, he will be disgusted by the teacher and expelled himself. Lei Zexin was unwilling to accept Xue Wenxi, and wanted her to retreat when she was in trouble, so he suggested that if he could beat Lin Bingshen, he could consider it. As soon as Xue Wenxi gritted her teeth, she rushed to Lin Bingshen indiscriminately. Lin Bingshen was so angry that she wanted to slap back and was afraid of Lei Zexin. Finally, she slapped herself and turned away.

Later, Xue Wenxi learned from the cousin who was traveling with Lin Bingshen that Lin Bingshen’s parents were seriously ill, and she was feeling uncomfortable just after receiving the letter from the family. Xue Wenxi felt uncomfortable. Feng Chengjun negotiated with Lei Zexin privately, hoping that he would not harm Wenbin. After all, the family background of the two parties is different. She is a poor student, and if she wants to be an official, she can only go through school.

Lei Zexin felt that Feng Chengjun was teaching himself, and he was on the bar with Feng Chengjun, and immediately agreed to accept Xue Wenxi as an apprentice and took her out to drink. Xue Wenxi was anxious to leave the Yunshang Academy quickly, and told Feng Chengjun that he didn’t want to go to the Yunshang at all at first, and insisted on hanging out with Lei Zexin for a drink.

In the wine shop, there was a male alcoholic molesting and singing girl. Lei Zexin couldn’t bear to rush up to beat the male alcoholic. It just so happened that Han Shumin was also in the restaurant with a maid, and he saw Lei Zexin’s martial arts master teach others. I’m a nymphomaniac, and I don’t forget to praise a few words before I leave. During the fight, Xue Wenxi also stretched out his hand to help, accidentally smashing the statue of Jiu Gong in the wine shop, and the boss clamored for Xue Wenxi to make compensation, saying that it was inherited from the ancestors.

Lei Zexin bet the school’s identity card on the boss, indicating that he would use the money to lose tomorrow. Han Shumin went to ask for marriage and asked for a marriage note from the fortune-teller. The other party asked her to sew it into a purse and give it to her sweetheart to ensure that she would get what she wanted. Lei Zexin took Xue Wenxi over the wall and returned to the school. He happened to be caught by Han Shengzhi. Xue Wenxi admitted that he had violated the regulations without saying a word, and also admitted that he had beaten Lin Bingshen.

The owner of the tavern made trouble in the school, and the matter became serious. Xue Wenxi immediately stood up and took care of everything, saying that he was making trouble and smashed the statue of Jiu Gong, but according to school rules, if she is expelled, she will be removed from the official register. She will never be an official again. With the black history of expulsion, other schools will not accept her again. Xue Wenxi uses the name of her younger brother Wenbin in Yunshang Academy. Her female identity is Wenxi, not Xue.

Xue Wenxi panicked, and didn’t want to hurt her younger brother, so she couldn’t do it. Dean Feng wanted to expel Lei Zexin and Wenbin. Ding University students and Mr. Li Hu both interceded for Wenbin and moved out of the Wangshi. Dean Feng began to hesitate and finally took a step back and let the whole school vote to decide Wenbin and Leize Leave and leave the letter.

Xue Wenxi wanted to leave but couldn’t be expelled in this way, and she was tired of her younger brother, so she had to go to the other cousins ​​to say something nice and hope they would not sign. Almost all the students in the school didn’t like Lei Zexin, wishing him to leave, but couldn’t bear to watch Wenbin also be implicated. Half of the students were on the sidelines and had not signed yet.

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