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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 6 Recap

In private, Lei Zexin still persuaded Wen Bin not to interact with Feng Chengjun, a noble child, who were not from the same world, and said a lot of ironic things about the noble father. The sober Xue Wenxi mistakenly thought that Lei Zexin didn’t keep his promise or drove Feng Chengjun out, and frustrated and reasoned with Lei Zexin. I apologize immediately when I know of the misunderstanding.

Xue Wenxi learned that Han Shengzhi had reported his act of buying wine for admission to Shen Xuan Tang. Yu Le Xuan told Xue Wenxi that Mr. Li Hu, who was in Xing Tang Tang, was a very difficult gentleman. Up. When the law class was on, the teacher was Mr. Li Hu, a smiling tiger, and announced the punishment for violating the regulations, not only deducting character points, but also reducing the corresponding monthly profit.

Xue Wenxi was deducted for ten fret points, and one hundred money was gone. I was thinking about saving money with monthly profit, but if it continued like this, I might have to post it upside down in the end, Xue Wenxi couldn’t do it hard. Lei Zexin went to Mr. Xue Dingkun’s former residence to investigate his brother’s affairs. The house was deserted. He asked the villagers and found that Xue’s family was no longer there. He also found Mr. Xue’s grave and found that there were burning papers around. The dust, it seems that there are still people worshipping.

When Lei Zexin went back, he found someone was following, and the other party attacked him. Tomorrow will be the formal apprenticeship ceremony for school entrance. It is necessary to give six rites to the gentlemen. Xue Wenxi feels distressed about her purse, and has to go with Feng Chengjun and others to buy the repairs. I ran into Mu Xiaoman on the road. She invited Xue Wenxi to Caiyunju to participate in the calligraphy and painting auction. The calligraphy and paintings of Ren Bishu were auctioned.

When Feng Chengjun heard that he was Ren Bishu, he was more interested and went to Caiyunju. Xue Wenxi was taken to the private room on the second floor by Mu Xiaoman. Mu Xiaoman didn’t know Xue Wenxi’s true identity, and obviously liked her. He knew that Xue Wenxi had a bad drink and gave him a drink that could not be drunk. Wonder medicine. Han Shumin saw Feng Chengjun at the auction and bought calligraphy and painting for a big price.

In fact, Han Shumin didn’t know anything about calligraphy and painting. He came to the auction to show off his face. The idiot Feng Chengjun was handsome, and in private let the maid deliberately push herself and hit Feng Chengjun. Han Shumin relied on some rote knowledge to chat with Feng Chengjun about Ren Bishu, and also asked Feng Chengjun if he had someone he likes, and proposed letters to learn knowledge. Feng Chengjun didn’t know Han Shumin’s thoughts, and it was not good. Refuse.

The reason why Master Wang appointed Wenbin to enroll in the classroom was because she mentioned the shortcomings of the current imperial examination system in the examination paper, which was not rigorous and fair enough. This was exactly what he worried about for many years. Therefore, Master Wang admired the upright candidates like Wen Bin, and asked him to be the Five Classics of Yunshang Academy in private, and asked him to be the Five Classics of Yunshang Academy, to strictly control and slowly eliminate this unhealthy trend.

The student of Ding University lied that he had made a mistake and was demoted to the academy by Master Wang. When Dean Feng heard that the bachelor’s position was vacant, he was overwhelmed and worried. Xue Wenxi wanted to leave the school, thinking of being a poor student, if it was bad enough, it would definitely work. Xue Wenxi could not play in the instrument class, Lei Zexin deliberately played in a mess, and almost beat the teacher. Lei Zexin found that the person who followed him assaulted him had a token from the schoolmaster on his body, but he didn’t know who it was.

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