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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 5 Recap

Xue Wenxi has won the respect of many ordinary students for her excellent job of heading the parliament, and the students in the general house all recommend her to be in charge of the general house. Xue Wenxi didn’t bother to be in charge, and then transferred the affairs to the incumbent manager, just as the deputy manager herself.

Feng Chengjun asked why Xue Wenxi did not know how to do it. Xue Wenxi lied that she had been dependent on her mother and sister since childhood, and that her sister was frail and sick. She ran out of family savings in order to treat her illness and did not have too much money to study. Danqing. Han Shengzhi liked Mu Xiaoman, and was angry that Wenbin a poor student could be favored by Mu Xiaoman, and ran to warn Wenbin.

Lei Zexin looked fierce and evil, but he was a typical guardian who was cold and warm. He took Wenbin as his younger brother and clashed with Han Shengzhi. Yu Lexuan hurriedly stretched the frame and mud, and did not let the conflict intensify. Yu Lexuan and the students made a bet that in order to earn ten times, Lei Zexin was persuaded in private with a radical method. In the end, Lei Zexin did not embarrass Feng Chengjun any more and agreed to let him live in the dormitory.

It’s just that Lei Zexin couldn’t get used to Feng Chengjun, and quarreled with Feng Chengjun, which caused Xue Wenxi in the middle to suffer. Lei Zexin asked Xue Wenxi to call him brother, Feng Chengjun called her brother Bin. He didn’t sleep well all night, and even grabbed the quilt. Xue Wenxi became more determined and stubborn for a month. The idea of ​​dropping out.

Xue Wenxi had no choice but to find Yu Lexuan. Yu Lexuan told her that Lei Zexin likes to drink the real liquor from Mingren Pub, but because he was blacklisted on credit, he could no longer buy wine. If you can buy wine for Lei Zexin, Lei Zexin will definitely be able to bear her love and will no longer be aggressive. Yu Lexuan also gave Xue Wenxi a sum of money to buy wine, and offered to cooperate with Xue Wenxi. Later, she continued to write the storybook and promoted the sale by herself, and the money earned was 37%.

Xue Wenxi asked for four or six, but Yu Lexuan agreed without saying anything. The wine money was the deposit. Xue Wenxi went to buy real liquid wine, but the tavern was sold out, and asked her to come back tomorrow. Xue Wenxi deliberately pretended to be pitiful and lied that her brother wanted to drink a sip of real liquid wine before he died of serious illness. This moved the innkeeper and sold her a pot. Stay wine. When a student saw Xue Wenxi buying wine and returning to the school, he immediately reported to Han Shengzhi.

Xue Wenxi took the risk to bring the wine to Lei Zexin, so that Lei Zexin should stop quarreling with Feng Chengjun in the future. Although Lei Zexin was greedy for wine, she was still unwilling to compromise so readily. He also said that if she could drink three sips of wine, she would Promised this. The real liquid has great stamina, even Lei Zexin can drink at most three mouthfuls without being drunk. Xue Wenxi was drunk as soon as she gritted her teeth and was drunk immediately, talking nonsense in a confused way, what saved the girl, etc. Fortunately, Lei Ze was confident , Did not think much.

Han Shengzhi ran to Wenbin to settle accounts, on the grounds that she privately brought wine back to the school. Feng Chengjun and Lei Zexin both defended Xue Wenxi, and Han Shengzhi was not allowed to enter the dormitory to search. The two sides had a dispute. The drunk Xue Wenxi threw up Han Shengzhi, but Han Sheng was so smart that he threatened to report to the trial hall. . After a drunkenness, Lei Zexin and Feng Chengjun looked at Xue Wenxi’s face, and they all let go of their grudges.

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