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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 4 Recap

The officers and soldiers chased the man in black to the Yunshang Academy. The leader Gu insisted to enter the academy and search it. Master Liu of the martial arts class in the academy took the edict of the present sage, and no officers and soldiers were allowed to enter the hall and sent them away. In fact, the man in black is Lei Ao, his real name is Lei Zexin. Xue Wenxi was trembling in the dormitory, and even lied that she was afraid that Feng Chengjun would not be allowed to blow the light, and she would not let him undress and go to bed.

Feng Chengjun disliked the smell of the bedding, so she had to cover one with Xue Wenxi. Xue Wenxi had to give up. The two were about to fall asleep. Lei Zexin came back and was misunderstood as trespassers, Xue Wenxi and Feng Cheng. Jun took the quilt and rushed forward and hit. Xue Wenxi recognized Lei Zexin as the elder brother who helped him grab the money that day, and introduced Lei Zexin to Feng Chengjun.

Lei Zexin learned that the two of them turned out to be roommates and that Feng Chengjun was still Feng’s family, and Feng Chengjun was not allowed to live here. Xue Wenxi said a lot of good things, Lei Zexin didn’t listen at all, only willing to let Xue Wenxi into the house to sleep, Xue Wenxi was cautious, and would rather leave the dormitory with Feng Chengjun. Yu Lexuan and other students placed bets on whether Feng Chengjun and Wen Bin could stay in Lei Zexin’s dormitory. Yu Lexuan bet the two of them to win.

Good guy Yu Lexuan invited Xue Wenxi to stay in her single room, Xue Wenxi pulled Feng Chengjun over, and the three of them squeezed onto a bed. Yu Lexuan was very curious, why Wenbin could tell Mu Xiaoman to perform a charity performance without much effort? Is there anything extraordinary? He wanted to take a closer look while Xue Wenxi fell asleep. Fortunately, Xue Wenxi was alert and deliberately turned over and woke up Feng Chengjun. Feng Chengjun saw Yu Lexuan sneaking up her head and staying asleep, her face was puzzled, Yu Lexuan was embarrassed, and had to dispel his thoughts.

Lei Zexin and Yu Lexuan have been friends for more than ten years and have a good relationship. Moreover, Lei Zexin’s father is a subordinate of Han Shengzhi’s father, and he works at Habayashi. Therefore, the parliament is also in charge of Lei Zexin’s arrogant piles. Open one eye and close one eye. Master Liu is Lei Zexin’s master and taught Lei Zexin his lifelong martial arts, but it is a pity that Lei Zexin died because of his brother’s grievances. He wanted to redress his brother’s grievances. He was messing around in the school. Those flyers were also sent by him. .

Yunshang Academy’s studies lasted for four years. Only after completing the credits can he be eligible to participate in the palace exam. Xue Wenxi planned to quit school after receiving the first month’s monthly money. The state government posted a notice to arrest the man in black who was distributing the flyers. Master Han went to find the Feng Cishi. The two of them also cleared the matter back then. Could it be that a fish slipped through the net?

Lei Zexin went to the pub to drink on credit again, and Yu Lexuan paid the bill for him again, and did not less persuade him to stop drinking, but Lei Zexin didn’t listen. Lei Zexin’s father was Captain Habayashi Weizuo, even if he was in the school, the Dean of Feng did not dare to embarrass Lei Zexin. Lei Zexin found a book from his brother’s relics, which was written by Mr. Xue Dingkun, his brother and a group of students.

Not long after this book was born, Xue Dingkun, brother Lei Zexin and other people were all asked to commit crimes. Lei Zexin suspected that his brother’s death was related to this book. Lei Zexin told Yu Lexuan about the matter, and wanted to find out the matter and make his brother innocent. Xue Wenxi is very talented in arithmetic. She is very sensitive when it comes to accounting and money. She can do calculations very quickly without using an abacus. The arithmetic teacher appreciates her very much, but Xue Wenxi wants to major in medicine. However, Xue Wenxi’s Danqing is very poor, and he has never studied painting.

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