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The Ideal City (2021) 理想之城

Ideal city (2021)
Other Title:  理想之城, Her Warfare, Su Xiao’s war, Su Xiao De Zhan Zheng, Li Xiang Zhi Cheng, Lixiang Zhi Cheng , 苏筱的战争

Genres: drama, Urban inspiration
Mainland China
Liu Jin
Ruohua Ranran
CCTV, Dragon TV, iQiyi, iQiyi
Release Date: 
Aug 12, 2021 – Aug 31, 2021
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  • Betty Sun as Su Xiao
  • Mark Chao as Xia Ming
  • Chen Ming Hao as Wang Yang
  • Yu He Wei as Zhao Xian Kun
  • Gao Ye as Wu Hong Mei
  • Liu Yi Chang as He Cong Rong

As a female construction cost engineer in the new era, Su Xiao has always upheld the professional belief that “the cleanness of the cost table is the cleanness of the project”. However, Su Xiao was expelled from Zhongjian Group by an “unclean” incident by Party B in the industry, and the cost engineer certificate was detained. However, after experiencing this series of doubts and career troughs, Su Xiao was not overthrown. Instead, he entered a small company, Tiancheng started from the grassroots level. With his unforgettable heart, Tiancheng’s performance has been brought to the peak of the industry. Su Xiao’s outstanding performance is obvious to all. Not only was he convinced by his colleagues, but he was also promoted exceptionally by Zhao Xiankun, Chairman of Zhenhua Group, and entered the group management of masters like Lin.

Su Xiao ushered in the peak of her career and her love, Xia Ming. But the good times did not last long. Su Xiao was suppressed everywhere by the veterans of the Xu Zhiping Group, and was demoted for the incident of recovering the profit margin of the subsidiary. The room leaked in the night rain, Su Xiao and Xia Ming’s love came to an end at this moment, Zhenhua was facing an unprecedented predicament, Su Xiao was completely hesitated. But with the encouragement of her father, Su Xiao regained her confidence, believing that the sun will eventually break through the fog. Su Xiao, under heavy pressure, insisted on carrying out group reforms, and finally won in the reality of your competition. It also allowed Zhenhua to get out of the predicament and move towards a higher glory. After several ups and downs, it not only shows the life of the construction industry, but also shows the tenacity of women in a new era.

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