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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 9 Recap

Liu Jinglu shows Zhao Caier’s cruel hand

In the early dynasty, Dugu Jin’s son, Dugu Chengqi, won the victory, and soon returned to the dynasty. When Dugujin mentioned that Zhao Caier was pregnant, he should be promoted. Emperor Zhou insinuated that he had a lot of eyeliners. Emperor Zhou Jin Zhao Caier was the Cai concubine, and Chen Guo planned to send Prince Chen Yun to the State of Zhou.

Yan Anling, who was designed by Zhao Caier, was indignant, and under Rong Niang’s comfort, vaguely doubted Liu Jing’s identity. After retiring from the court, Yuan Wai Lang Zhao Gang, Zhao Cai’er’s father, sat outside the temple and satirized Yan Anling’s father, Yan Anling, and his daughter not being favored. Yan Anling then came to Yan Anling’s residence and asked Yan Anling to get pregnant as soon as possible, so that he could become a queen. , Yan Anling was worried that Zhao Caier would give birth to a prince, so he planned to kill Zhao Caier.

Liu Jing, who was walking and picking flowers in the imperial garden, met the arrogant Min’er. When Liu Jing talked about the handle of Zhao Cai’er, Min’er had to be soft. Zhao Cai’er was very angry about this. Aunt Qingmei in Frost Flower Palace sent the Queen Mother’s reward, and unexpectedly received Princess Linchuan’s favorite jewelry during her lifetime.

When the concubines and the queen mother had a meal, the queen mother saw the jewelry on Zhao Cai’er’s head, and Yan An gritted her teeth aura. Emperor Zhou and Liu Jing arrived one after another. Zhao Caier deliberately sat next to Liu Jing and showed off her jewelry, but Liu Jing was not a real Linchuan princess, of course nobody would recognize it, but Crescent Moon next to her was surprised. Liu Jing excused herself, but Liu Jing mocked Zhao Cai’er instead.

Zhao Caier mistakenly made Liu Jing think that Emperor Zhou was about to make her the queen. When Yan Anling next to him saw it, she stood up to block the two of them from the emperor’s sight. Zhao Caier was threatened by Liu Jing with Yang Qingli again, and then Liu Jing left. Liu Jing was crying and sad by the lake alone. Emperor Zhou came over and hugged Liu Jing. Liu Jing expressed her true feelings in her sadness. After hearing this, Emperor Zhou was very excited and kissed Liu Jing. The two confided their feelings for each other by the lake and hugged each other.

When Yang Qingli entered Caihui Palace late at night, Zhao Caier said that Liu Jing’s suspicion was discovered by the jewelry, and she felt that Liu Jing’s identity became more suspicious. Liu Jing, who woke up in the morning, knew that Emperor Zhou had brought her back last night and was very happy. Emperor Zhou had also arrived at this time. Liu Jing was angry and said not to drink sober soup. Emperor Zhou had to feed the medicine himself. When the emperor left, the two of them Smile at each other.

After Emperor Zhou left, suddenly flying darts to the head of Liu Jing’s bed, he quickly took it down and checked. It turned out that Zhao Caier knew Liu Jing’s true identity, and asked Liu Jing to talk to the Lotus Garden at night. Zhao Caier felt that Liu Jing would have trouble if she didn’t get rid of it, so she retreated Liu Jing, who had come to the lotus garden at night, from the pond. Zhao Caier thought that Liu Jing was dead and left with confidence. Who knew that Liu Jing was very water-based, so she swam to the shore. Escaped a disaster. After returning, Liu Jing wanted to find Emperor Zhou to inform against Zhao Cai’er and Yang Qingli, but there was no evidence, so she gave up under the persuasion of Yue Ya’er.

The next morning, Zhao Caier, who was still immersed in joy except for the serious trouble, was angry when she learned that Liu Jing was not dead. Min’er, who heard the movement in the house, left the pot of decocting medicine, but did not know that the antifetal medicine was aborted after leaving Medicine, it turned out that Rongniang bought the servant of Caihui Palace, but Zhao Caier, who didn’t know it, drank the anti-fetal medicine as usual.

Yu Wenzhao, who came to see Liu Jing, learned that Liu Jing was pushed into the water last night, and took Liu Jing to settle accounts with Zhao Cai’er. Zhao Cai’er, who had drunk anti-fetal medicine here, suddenly felt unwell.

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