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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 8 Recap

Yuwenyong re-poisoned Zhao Caier and finally happy

Liu Jing, who woke up in the morning, thought that everything was a dream last night, and she insisted that she didn’t want the emperor to come, but she was heartbroken to know that Emperor Zhou stayed in Caihui Palace last night. Liu Jing and other concubines all came to greet the Queen Mother, but Zhao Caier was late. Because Yuwen Yong stayed in Caihui Palace and caused Yan Anling’s dissatisfaction, the two quarreled. Zhao Caier turned and left. The impatient Yan Anling vented Liu Jing and slapped her. Liu Jing replied mercilessly. Slapped. On the way back to the palace, the two masters and servants talked about Zhao Caier’s changes, and asked Liu Jing to learn to please the emperor, but Liu Jing refused.

At the other end, Yu Wenyong asked Tang Wan about Wu Da and asked him to investigate Yaowanggu. The two were talking and they met Liu Jing. Zhou Emperor was unhappy with Liu Jing’s indifferent attitude. Instead , the emperor became angry with Yuwen .

Yu Wenzhao asked the Emperor Zhou to ask for Liu Jing, but the Emperor Zhou refused. Yu Wenzhao proposed that the two players play chess. The ending is conceivable. The piece of Yu Wenzhao’s killing was not left. I heard Yu Wenzhao telling Liu Jing to say This is a sea of ​​bitterness, Zhou Di was very angry, and quarreled with Yu Wen Zhao again, Yu Wen Zhao left angrily. After Yu Wenzhao left, it was announced that Emperor Zhou would go on a hunger strike if he disagreed. The Emperor Zhou knew that Houqi’s order was not allowed to give food to Zhaoyang Hall.

When Liu Jing learned that Yu Wenzhao was on a hunger strike, she planned to visit Yu Wenzhao. When Yu Wenzhao saw Liu Jing coming with something to eat, her eyes glowed. Under Liu Jing’s persuasion and temptation, she started to eat. Yu Wenzhao hoped that Liu Jing was not his imperial sister-in-law, and Liu Jing also agreed. Yuwen Yong just heard it, went into the room and mocked Yu Wenzhao, and forcibly took Liu Jing away.

In the Yilan Palace, the Emperor Zhou forbids Liu Jing and Yu Wenzhao from contacting each other. The two broke up again because of Zhao Caier’s affairs. During the dispute, Yu Wenyong’s toxicity relapsed. Liu Jing was driven out by the Zhou Emperor and watched the running out. Liu Jing Huoyi realized that something was wrong and hurried in. Liu Jing worried that Emperor Zhou had turned back again, and found that Huo Yi was about to tie up Emperor Zhou. When Emperor Zhou saw Liu Jing folded back, she was afraid that she would not face him. For Liu Jing, Liu Jing felt distressed when she learned that Emperor Zhou’s poisoning would hurt her, and asked Huo Yi to leave, take care of herself, and took out the medicine given by Lan Dong to temporarily relieve her condition. Emperor Zhou was also in Liu Jing’s arms. After sleeping, Liu Jing saw her embroidered sachet tightening Yuwen Yong’s hug.

After waking up, Liu Jing looked for Yu Wenyong anxiously, and found that he was reading the memorial steadily, and lying back on the bed, Zhou Emperor saw this and walked over. When the two talked about yesterday, Liu Jing insisted that he was a doctor. That’s it, the Emperor Zhou gave a punitive kiss, and then the two continued to kiss.

Bi Dayong reported to the Queen Mother Liu Jing about taking care of Emperor Zhou, and he was worried about Liu Jing. Liu Jing, who worked for the Emperor Zhou in the Taiyuan Hospital, was pierced by Crescent Moon ‘s thoughts. She must detoxify Yu Wenyong, and Yu Wenzhao came to help afterwards.

The Emperor Zhou couldn’t help but feel emotional when he learned that Liu Jing was studying the antidote for him, and planned to see Liu Jing. Faced with the repeated failures of the pharmaceutical industry, Liu Jing worried that Emperor Zhou would not last long. At this time Emperor Zhou came, had dinner with them, and forcibly pulled Yu Wenzhao, who was sitting next to Liu Jing, to him.

Min’er came in and told Zhao Cai’er that she was happy. Liu Jing was unhappy after hearing this. When Emperor Zhou saw the inquiry, Liu Jing pretended to congratulate him, and Emperor Zhou left in sullenness. Zhao Caier was very happy when she learned that the child could keep her, and was a little bit disappointed when she learned that Bi Dayong only brought the reward.

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