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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 7 Recap

Yan Anling was demoted to Emperor Zhou to show his heart

In order to please the queen mother, Liu Jing prepared a beauty cream, and sold it out to make a fortune, and she happened to be seen by Min’er when she went out. Zhao Caier found Yan Anling to ask Liu Jing about leaving the palace and comforted Yan Anling. After learning about Liu Jing’s gift, Zhao Caier hinted that Yan Anling could take the opportunity to poison her.

Yu Wenzhao still decides to go out of the palace today, but Liu Jing is entangled in whether to go out, but she has just been punished and finally decides not to go. Yu Wenzhao waited in the tavern alone until the evening, Liu Jing did not show up for a long time, and could only leave lost. When Shou Yan started, she didn’t expect Liu Jing to meet Yu Wenzhao who was back.

Yang Qingli and Zhao Caier met in a corner, and when they learned that Zhao Caier had not seen the emperor, the two quarreled again. At the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet, Yu Wenzhao insisted on sitting with Liu Jing, while Emperor Zhou drank the wine alone. At the gift-giving session, everyone offered gifts. Liu Jing presented her own cosmetic cream. After hearing this, everyone was deeply suspicious. The imperial concubine took the opportunity to say that the object might be poisonous. Liu Jing applied to her face in order to let everyone see the real effect. stand up. After a while, all the concubines saw the effect and were amazed. Liu Jing and Crescent Moon began to sing and sell together, suggesting that everyone try it out together. But an accident happened, a concubine suddenly fell down, and Yan Anling immediately let people arrest Liu Jing, and Yu Wenzhao got up and stopped. Yan Anling proposed to search Yilan Palace, and Liu Jing also suggested that it is best to search again. Under the same order of the Queen Mother and the emperor, Huo Yi began to search.

As soon as Huo Yi came back and reported that the report was found, Yan Anling thought it was found in Yilan Palace, but Huo Yi said it was found in Yanling Palace. Everyone was surprised. Yan Anling was very surprised, but she missed it. Mouth, the emperor ordered Yan Anling to be demoted to Yan 嫔, Zhao Caier smiled smugly at this scene, and the queen mother left disappointed.

Zhao Caier took advantage of this to come to the emperor’s side to toast. Liu Jing and Yu Wenzhao continued to talk, Yu Wenzhao pretended to be intimacy with Zhao Caier, and when he left, he learned that Yu Wenzhao called Liu Jingjinger, was jealous and accepted Zhao Caier. The invitation went to Caihui Palace.

At the end of the banquet, Liu Jing and Yu Wenzhao were drinking and chatting in the garden. Speaking of the encounter between the two, Liu Jing said that she had actually discovered that Yan’an Ling sent someone to poison the cosmetic cream, and let Crescent Moon put the poison again. Buried back to Yanling Palace, so I proposed to search the entire palace. After returning to Caihui Palace, Zhao Caier was anxious to sleep with the emperor, and the Emperor Zhou offered to accompany him to drink more glasses.

Emperor Zhou, who came to the garden late at night, saw Liu Jing and Yu Wenzhao who were drunk together, feeling very uncomfortable. Liu Jing said that she had always wanted to be beaten into the cold palace. Yu Wenzhao took advantage of the situation and asked Liu Jing to leave. The two of them cursed Yu Wenyong in the garden . Who knew that when they turned their heads, they saw Yuwenyong. Yuwenzhao drank too much. past. Yu Wenyong took Liu Jing, who was talking nonsense after drinking, into his arms, and ordered Huo Yi to send Yu Wenzhao back, and bring Liu Jing back to Yilan Palace by himself.

Min’er wondered if there was no movement in the room, but was stopped by Bi Dayong. Only Zhao Cai’er, who was asleep by Emperor Zhou’s medicine, was in the room. In the Yilan Palace, Emperor Zhou and Liu Jing were lying on the bed, talking to Liu Jing, who was asleep after drinking.

Early the next morning, Zhao Caier woke up and saw the dressed Emperor Zhou relieved, and happily sent away the emperor. Yu Wenyong also waited for the opening of the show.

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