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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 12 Recap

The Yizhou locust disaster relief fund was embezzled by corrupt officials, and the evidence was in Wu Da’s hands. The Dugu Jin faction’s subordinates found Wu Da in a ruined temple and wanted to take him away, but was intercepted by Tang Wan midway , and Wu Da was rescued by Tang Wan. In the court hall, the people of Dugujin were removed one by one by Yuwenyong, and Dugujin had his wings broken and held a grudge. Liu Jing overheard the conversation between Huo Yi and Yu Wenyong, only to realize that because of her uniqueness, she could use it to clean up the forces that Dugujin arranged around her.

And he was once just a pawn that Yuwenyong used to deal with Dugu Jin, Liu Jing left sad, Yuwenyong rushed to explain to Liu Jing, and confessed to Liu Jing that he had already fallen in love with Liu Jing. After Dugu Jin’s son Dugucheng returned to Beijing, he didn’t even enter his home, so he went to search for Wu Da’s whereabouts. During the search, she met Tang Wan. Tang Wan denied that she had never seen Wu Da, but Dugucheng’s men found Wu Da in Tang Wan’s house. But Tang Wan, a cold and frosty woman, deeply attracted Dugu Cheng.

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