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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 11 Recap

Zhao Caier felt that Liu Jing would have troubles if she didn’t get rid of it, so she asked Liu Jing to come out and pushed Liu Jing down the pond. Unexpectedly, Liu Jing’s water became better and she swam ashore by herself and escaped. Zhao Cai’er, who was still immersed in the joy of not only suffering from serious problems, was angry when she learned that Liu Jing was not dead. At this time, Yan Anling’s servant bought the palace clerk from Caihui Palace and gave Zhao Caier an abortion pill.

Yu Wenzhao learned that Zhao Cai’er wanted to kill Liu Jing, but he brought Liu Jing to the theory with Zhao Cai’er. After a dispute, Zhao Cai’er gave birth to Zhao Cai’er. Liu Jing gave Zhao Cai’er the pulse and found that the fetus had been in her belly for more than three months, not just now. pregnant. Zhao Cai’er was imprisoned when things were revealed. After trying his best to escape from prison, Zhao Caier found Yang Qingli and wanted the two to elope together, but Yang Qingli only considered his own future and life, fearing that things would be revealed, and wanted to choke Zhao Caier to death. At this time, the emperor and Dugujin arrived, and Dugujin immediately swung their swords to kill them to prevent them from telling the truth.

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