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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 10 Recap

Yu Wenzhao appeared to be on a hunger strike, butthe food sentby Liu Jing got his index finger moved. The two talked and laughed, eating and chatting. Yuwenyong came to find Yuwenzhao, and he happened to hear the dialogue between Yuwenzhao and Liu Jing. He was furious, thinking that Liu Jing would leave her halfheartedly sooner or later, so he ordered Liu Jing to stay away from Yuwenzhao and warned Yuwenzhao that Liu Jing was her own woman. During the dispute, Yuwenyong’s toxicity recurs.

Liu Jing ran away hurriedly, and ran back afterwards, and found that Yu Wenyong’s personal guard Huo Yi was using a rope to tie him. Liu Jing felt distressed and asked Huo Yi and them to go down and take care of Yu Wenyong all night. On the first day when Liu Jing came to the Great Zhou Dynasty, she had seen Yuwen Yong’s poisonous hair. After she was distressed and ready to go back, she immersed herself in studying the antidote.

During the meal, the eunuch came to report that Cai’er was pregnant, Yuwen Yong’s heart was like a mirror, Liu Jing was unhappy, and the queen mother set up a palace banquet because Cai’er was pregnant. Both sides express their hearts.

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