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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 24 End Recap

Huang Tao presided over the wedding of Nie Xingchen and Yan Jing. Nie Xingchen took his father’s arm and approached Yan Jing step by step. Looking at Nie Xingchen, who was approaching him, Yan Jing opened the flowers happily, holding Nie Xingchen’s Hand, Yan Jing motioned Huang Tao to skip all the procedures, taking the exchange of rings as the first ceremony, and the two kissed happily under the blessing and witness of everyone.

Tong Xin received the bride’s bouquet, and Han Ziyu’s mother immediately stated that she had to keep the marriage of her son and Tong Xin on the agenda, making Han Ziyu and Tong Xin extremely ashamed. At the wedding, Zhao Yuanfang asked Zhen Nian why she had to hide when she received the bouquet. Zhen Nian bluntly said that no one proposed to herself, of course, she wanted to hide. Zhao Yuanfang wanted to draw a ring from her body and propose to Zhen Nian. However, there is no substitute for the ring.

Yan Jing and Nie Xingchen were very tired after their wedding. Nie Xingchen changed his mouth to call Yan Jing’s husband for the first time. Yan Jing immediately got up to prepare something for Nie Xingchen. After Yan Jing finished cooking, Nie Xingchen could not get up tired. After Nie Xingchen’s honeymoon trip, he returned to the President’s Office and prepared small gifts for everyone. Huang Tao asked Nie Xingchen to intercede for everyone, but when reporting, Yan Jing was not as harsh as before, but was more willing to give his men a chance.

It turned out that Yan Jing knew that the President’s Office was Nie Xingchen’s maiden family, and he certainly couldn’t make things too difficult. When the two were about to get close, Huang Tao rushed in and saw this scene very embarrassing. Nie Xingchen suggested that it would be more appropriate for Yan Jing to call Secretary Nie when he was in the company in the future, and Yan Jing readily agreed.

Yan Jing and Nie Xingchen got up early to brush their teeth together, and were still doing exercises on the rooftop. I have to say that they are really a match made in heaven. Zhao Yuanfang complained that since Nie Xingchen got married, it was very difficult to see him. It turned out that Zhao Yuanfang was planning to find Nie Xingchen for help. He couldn’t understand why Zhen Nian always refused his marriage proposal. After listening to Zhao Yuanfang’s marriage proposal, Nie Xingchen felt that Zhao Yuanfang’s proposal was a bit too far from his dopamine proposal, the car trunk proposal, the bar singing proposal, and so on.

How could anyone put the proposal on the lips every day, so that Zhen Nian Without enough sense of security at all, Nie Xingchen advised Zhao Yuanfang not to rush and leave everything to his company and time. Zhao Yuanfang seemed to understand why he was always rejected.

Yan Jing was anxious because of Nie Xingchen’s delay in returning, but when he heard something outside the door, he immediately lay on the sofa and pretended to sleep. When Yan Jing heard Nie Xingchen say that she was disgusting, and somehow felt that she was going to be a father, he asked Nie Xingchen to take a pregnancy test. Knowing that Nie Xingchen was suspicious, Yan Jing was almost out of shape with joy. Sitting on the sofa alone was silly and silly, and told her mother and father-in-law of the good news one by one.

Yan Jing told Nie Xingchen that he didn’t know what to do when he was a father at first. He didn’t want to educate himself to have children like his father did. In the past, his father always educates himself to plan everything in advance. Accuracy can give him a sense of security. There are two more bugs inexplicably, which are still sweet bugs, and they really need to adapt for a while.

After going to the obstetrics and gynecology department, Nie Xingchen insisted on going back to the company, but Yan Jing couldn’t screw her up, so she agreed to her request. The people in the president’s office took care of Nie Xingchen in every detail, and Nie Xingchen immediately understood that this must be Yan Jing’s idea. Afterwards, Nie Xingchen learned that the whole company knew about his pregnancy. Regardless of Master Huang Tao’s presence, he complained to Yan Jing, but after receiving congratulations from everyone, he still felt that he shared his happiness with everyone. The feeling of the world is really good, and Yan Jing also said that she will become a very happy child.

Days went by like this, and Nie Xingchen was still busy with the company’s affairs. Yan Jing, as the president, brought up his own child. Such a contrast between cuteness and the harsh image of the past is indeed very different. Yan Jing and Nie Xingchen suggested that he has even-number obsessive-compulsive disorder, can he be bright again for himself.

Zhao Yuanfang complained about Yan Jing since he gave birth to a baby, his whole person has changed. Tong Xin was also pregnant. Nie Xingchen had to complain about Zhao Yuanfang’s proposal. Under the circumstances, Zhao Yuanfang finally succeeded in proposing to Zhen Nian, and he quickly jumped up happy. Everyone is happy in their lives like this.

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