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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 23 Recap

Yan Jing found a professional organization to secretly arrange the proposal venue, dreaming of the prosperous scene of the proposal in her mind, and secretly happy in her heart. Yan Jing asked Nie Xingchen to change his clothes and go with him to the ancient castle town, but Nie Xingchen suggested to take the bus there. Yan Jing hesitated, but still agreed to Nie Xingchen.

The two arrived at the bus station and waited for a long time but still couldn’t wait for a bus. Finally, they learned that the No. 23 bus was out of service. After learning about the situation, Yan Jing suggested that Nie Xingchen walk to the ancient castle town.

Halfway through, Nie Xingchen told Yan Jing that the castle town he had checked was actually because he was investigating the project for the company. Yan Jing immediately sighed and said that he was really not good at making surprises. At the same time, he directly asked Nie Xingchen what he liked. Nie Xingchen told Yan. Jing himself liked him, and Yan Jing immediately knelt down to propose, saying that he had planned to propose in the castle, but found that he didn’t want to wait for a moment, and immediately knelt down to propose to Nie Xingchen, and Nie Xingchen readily agreed.

The two returned home with a kiss and rolled onto the bed, but Yan Jing was obviously a little stressed, afraid that she would forget her when she woke up, and immediately stopped the kiss in the middle, saying that she had a video conference to hold, so she went back to the living room and drank alcohol. Up. The next day, a colleague from the President’s Office saw the ring on Nie Xingchen’s hand and immediately started gossiping about the marriage proposal.

Nie Xingchen responded concisely but unexpectedly heard that Yan Jing asked Director Huang Tao to accompany him on a business trip. After Nie Xingchen saw Yan Jing’s notes, he learned that he was afraid of being intimacy with him and would forget himself, so he deliberately didn’t get close to him, so he deliberately wore sexy pajamas to seduce Yan Jing, even though Yan Jing wrapped her in a quilt. Move, and then pretend to go to the living room to work.

When Yan Jing’s mother returned to Jinghai, Nie Xingchen accompanied her to go shopping. Yan Jing’s mother asked Nie Xingchen to change her name to her mother and asked her to arrange an appointment with Nie Xingchen’s parents so that the marriage between the two could be settled as soon as possible. As soon as Yan Jing returned home, he was thrown onto the sofa by Nie Xingchen. Nie Xingchen told Yan Jing through his drink that he had read his diary, and at the same time encouraged Yan Jing to take a gamble with him. He was already so proactive.

When Yan Jing heard this, he did not reject Nie Xingchen’s enthusiasm. After Nie Xingchen woke up in the early hours of the next morning, Yan Jing deliberately pretended that he had amnesia again. In this way, the two began a sweet cohabitation life. The parents met for dinner, and the atmosphere was harmonious, and the marriage of the two was settled.

Yan Jing carefully prepared for the wedding of the two, while Nie Xingchen took care of all kinds of things in the company. When shooting the wedding photos, the time was only three short hours. Nie Xingchen’s work phone kept ringing. When Yan Jing told the photographer how to shoot, the wedding staff also helplessly asked Nie Xingchen if he could help them. Persuading the strict Yan Jing, after all, has revised the manuscript twelve times, and still fails to meet Yan Jing’s standards.

In the car back, Nie Xingchen tried to persuade Yan Jing, and the two of them had little conflicts about the wedding. At night, after Nie Xingchen woke up in the middle of the night, he found that Yan Jing was still correcting the details of the wedding, so he went to the living room and invited Yan Jing to dance with him. Nie Xingchen told Yan Jing that he did not pay attention to the wedding, but that they had something more important to each other. With the atmosphere, Nie Xingchen suggested that the wedding of the two should be set for tonight.

Nie Xingchen put on the wedding dress specially made by Aunt Ye. Tong Xin and Zhen Nian thought it was so beautiful. Nie Xingchen suggested that they also put on the wedding dress. After a while, Zhao Yuanfang and Yan Jing came to the wedding hall. Seeing the three women in wedding dresses, they were inexplicably beautiful. Several people took photos in the photo studio.

At the wedding scene of Nie Xingchen and Yan Jing, the people of the president office except Huang Tao all became the best man and bridesmaid. Zhao Yuanfang and Han Ziyu, besides being the best man, also quarreled at the wedding scene. Sure enough, it was the beauty in the eyes of lovers. Zhao Yuanfang only had Zhen Nian in his eyes, and Han Ziyu had only Tong Xin in his eyes.

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