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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 22 Recap

Nie Xingchen’s father learned that Yan Jing had paid his debts last time, and was a little surprised, so he went to the ward and called Yan Jing outside to talk about it. Nie Xingchen’s father was afraid that he would suffer a loss from his daughter, and told Yan Jing that he would find a way to return the one million people before Yan Jing, but Yan Jing told him that he was Nie Xingchen’s first love boyfriend, but he had lost his memory at that time.

So, I found Nie Xingchen for five years, and Nie Xingchen also waited for him for five years. Nie Xingchen’s father felt a little surprised when he heard it, and finally felt that the two of them should decide for themselves. After returning to the ward, Nie Xingchen told Yan Jing that his parents had accepted him. Yan Jing happily picked up Nie Xingchen in circles.

Zhao Yuanfang rescued Zhen Nian and took her to the hotel he arranged. Zhao Yuanfang felt sorry for Zhen Nian’s stubbornness, and the two kissed again. Nie Xingchen came to the hospital and asked Han Ziyu about Yan Jing’s condition. Han Ziyu told Nie Xingchen that he could not reply to him whether Yan Jing would lose his memory again. When Nie Xingchen heard this, he said that he was willing to gamble again, and he was willing to try again with some happiness. Yan Jing made a video call and complained that Nie Xingchen didn’t accompany him to work, but Nie Xingchen told him that he needed to take two days off and made him want to say hello to his colleagues in the President’s Office.

As soon as Zhao Yuanfang woke up, he found that Zhen Nian was no longer by his side. He turned on his mobile phone and found that Zhen Nian actually made a statement about the plastic surgery incident in the hotel lobby. Zhen Nian’s unique personality made Zhao Yuanfang inexplicably moved and admired. After Yan Jing was busy with work, she sent a WeChat message to Nie Xingchen, asking her when the party was over, so that she could pick her up by herself. The president runs a group of people having fun in the KTV. Nie Xingchen also learned about the exposure of Zhen Nian’s plastic surgery. Suddenly Yan Jing came to KTV. Everyone strongly recommended Nie Xingchen as his chief secretary, so Nie Xingchen reintegrated Return to the president’s office.

As soon as a few people walked out of the president’s office, a group of reporters gathered around and questioned the relationship between Nie Xingchen and Zhao Yuanfang. Yan Jing saw that the situation was inexplicably wrong, and immediately in front of everyone, he stated that he and Nie Xingchen had been lovers since six years ago. , And immediately left with Nie Xingchen. In front of Yan Jing, Nie Xingchen said that Zhen Nian is actually a very hardworking person.

He has known her since college and never complained about her. Yan Jing woke up and looked at her mobile phone, and found that there was no report about herself and Nie Xingchen. He was inexplicably unhappy when he learned that the truth was that the public relations department took all the news down, so he put himself and Nie very childishly. The photo of the stars was sent to Moments.

When Nie Xingchen returned to the president’s office, everyone showed their favor, which made Nie Xingchen inexplicably embarrassed. He was a bit funny when he learned that Yan Jing actually posted a show of affection in the circle of friends. Nie Xingchen Yan Jing met with Zhen Nian and Zhao Yuanfang for dinner. Zhen Nian and Zhao Yuanfang showed their affection in front of the two of them. Nie Xingchen suggested that there is no need to verify the truth with the media. The harmonious scene of four people can reverse the direction of public opinion.

Yan Jing and Zhao Yuanfang After leaving the field to play billiards midway, Zhen Nian and Nie Xingchen had a heart-to-heart chat and formed a Tucao Yan Zhao alliance. Bai Ziqiao saw Han Ziyu’s recent absent-mindedness, and took him out for a walk. Bai Ziqiao suddenly confessed to Han Ziyu, which caught Han Ziyu a little bit by surprise, which also made him understand why Tong Xin blessed him. He and Bai Ziqiao. Han Ziyu politely said sorry to Bai Ziqiao, and immediately met with Tong Xin on WeChat.

At night, Tong Xin went to the appointment as scheduled, but she saw Han Ziyu who was completely different from the past. Han Ziyu stood affectionately on the bar and sang love songs to herself, and told Tong Xin that she was not his idol from today. She is not a fan of herself anymore. Tong Xin mistakenly thought that Han Ziyu was saying goodbye to herself, a little bit lonely, just about to leave Han Ziyu but let Tong Xin be her girlfriend, Tong Xin was a little unbelievable, so she let Han Ziyu kiss herself, Han Ziyu two words She kissed him without telling her, which made Tong Xin happy. She immediately hugged Han Ziyu and said loudly that she really succeeded in chasing love.

Yan Jing searched all kinds of marriage proposal ceremonies, and prepared surprise proposal strategies without telling Nie Xingchen. Yan Jing secretly appointed Tong Xin and others to take Nie Xingchen’s expectation of the marriage proposal, but they returned to no avail. At night, Yan Jing came to Nie Xingchen’s suite to borrow the computer. He saw Nie Xingchen browsing the page of Dream Town, and immediately had an answer to the proposal venue.

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