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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 19 Recap

After the emperor learned the news that Yue Zonglin was stabbed by the assassin and had not woken up yet, he was very anxious and asked Liu Yuan to rule that Yue Zonglin must becured. Yue Zonglin woke up, and Yue Zonglin asked Liu Yuan to sentence Tom Ma De, the dragon and the earth tiger, to tell Zhao Yuxing that he was awake. He wanted to propose to Zhao Yuxing. He also asked Thomas to teach him some Western ways to propose marriage. Thomas told Yue Zonglin will prepare a large bouquet of roses when proposing marriage in their hometown. Zhao Yuxing and Qiuqi were sitting outside. When Thomas left, they passed by and told Zhao Yuxing that he was gone.

Let Zhao Yuxing take good care of Yue Zonglin. Qiu Qi comforted Zhao Yuxing and Yue Zonglin would be fine. Let Zhao Yuxing eat something, but Yue Zong Lin didn’t wake up, Zhao Yuxing didn’t want to eat anything. Zhao Yuxing came to Yue Zonglin’s bed. Zhao Yuxing asked Liu Yuan’s sentence if Yue Zonglin would wake up after three days. Liu Yuan’s sentence told Zhao Yuxing that Ji people have their own natural phenomena. Zhao Yuxing told Yue Zonglin in front of Yue Zonglin’s bed.

After a lot of affectionate words, Zhao Yuxing said that she and Yue Zonglin could not live as a husband and wife, so they went to Huangquan Road to be a ghost couple. When Zhao Yuxing was about to seek death, Tianlong hugged Zhao Yuxing, and Yue Zonglin suddenly called Zhao Yuxing’s name. Everyone who only knew Zhao Yuxing knew that Yue Zonglin was awake a long time ago. Yue Zonglin told Zhao Yuxing that he would ask the emperor to marry him. He would only marry Zhao Yuxing for the rest of his life. If the emperor did not agree, he would resign and take Zhao Yuxing.

Living in seclusion, Yue Zonglin said that Zhao Yuxing went to a place. First, everyone gave Zhao Yuxing a bouquet of roses, and then he took Zhao Yuxing to the heart of love made with candles, and wrote a lot of touching words to Zhao Yuxing, and he knelt down again. First Zhao Yuxing proposed to marry him, and then he said that he was willing, and he took out the ring and let Zhao Yuxing put it in his hand. Yue Zonglin took out the ring and put it in Zhao Yuxing’s hand. The last group of people danced together.

The emperor got the news that Yue Zonglin was awake, and knew that it was the great hand of Liu Yuan’s convict Huichun and the meticulous care of Zhao Yuxing that made Yue Zonglin awake. The emperor felt that Zhao Yuxing was kind. Zhao Yuxing and Qiu Qi ate together, Qiu Qi asked Zhao Yuxing what it felt like to be proposed by Yue Zonglin using Western play, Zhao Yuxing said that he was embarrassed and nauseous. Yue Zonglin and the emperor were soaking in the spring together. Yue Zonglin and the emperor discussed some state affairs. Yue Zonglin also told the emperor that she was going to Zhao Yuxing as his wife, and that this person only went to Zhao Yuxing, so that the emperor would take back and give Yan Huanyue to His imperial decree, the emperor finally gave Yue Zonglin a blank imperial decree.

The real Qiuqi brought her husband to Beijing to see a doctor. She came to a medical clinic and found a doctor Song who said he was very good. The doctor did not want to see them at first, saying that they did not have an appointment. Qi said to let him relax. His husband was suffering from an asthma emergency. The doctor diagnosed Fu Chaxiong’s pulse and found that Fu Chaxiong’s disease was a little difficult to treat. He was not sure about giving Fu Chaxiong two prescriptions first.

Doctor Song said that Fu Chaxiong’s ice was very troublesome and the diagnosis price was very high. The real Qiuqi had no choice but to give the hairpin with the family emblem of Niu Hulu on it to Doctor Song. Doctor Song recognized it when she saw it, but she didn’t. Said that at this time, Zheli came to this medical hall to take a bath and told about the incident, and Zheli heard about it, and Zheli asked the two to be arrested. In the evening, Zheli came to the palace to discuss with Concubine Shu , and finally they decided to expose the matter in front of the emperor.

In the Taiyuan Hospital, Liu Yuan judged that Zhao Yuxing was playing Tai Chi, and he felt that Zhao Yuxing and Zhao Mingkai were carved out of the same mold, and determined that Zhao Yuxing must be Zhao Mingkai’s daughter. Hong’er came to Yan Huanyue and asked Yan Huanyue to pick up the real Qiuqi into the palace tomorrow. Yue Zonglin saw Yan Huanyue and Hong’er when they met. Yue Zonglin looked for Yan Huanyue, and Yan Huanyue hesitated. Yes, Yue Zonglin told Yan Huanyue not to hit Zhao Yuxing’s idea. In the evening, Zhao Yuxing decocted medicine at the Taiyuan Hospital. Yue Zonglin came to see Zhao Yuxing. Just when the two people were about to kiss, the Liuyuan judge also came, and the Liuyuan judge told them that he saw the Muyuan sentence someone sneaking away.

After Yan Huanyue’s room, Yue Zonglin told Zhao Yuxing about what he saw Yan Huanyue and Hong’er together today, and then the two quietly came to the door of Yan Huanyue’s room and heard about Qiu Qi. Zhao Yuxing felt sorry for Yue Zonglin for not telling Yue Zonglin all about Qiu Qi. Yue Zonglin told Zhao Yuxing that as long as Zhao Yuxing did not want to say he would not ask, let Zhao Yuxing not be afraid that he would face Zhao Yuxing together. It was calculated that the real Qiu Qi should be in Zheli Mansion, Zhao Yuxing was going to Zheli Mansion to find the real Qiu Qi, but Yue Zonglin stopped him, and then Yue Zonglin went to Zheli Mansion to find out the news.

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