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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 17 Recap

Zhao Yuxing becomes the chief officer Zhao Yuxing asks the Liuyuan court about Zhao Mingkai

Concubine Tong Jia wanted to eat the lotus cake made by Zhao Yuxing in the imperial dining room. Did she go to the imperial dining room to see if she met Qiuqi when she was in the imperial garden. Where Qiuqi saw the lotus cake made by Zhao Yuxing, she ate a few pieces. Zhao Yuxing and Yan Huanyue scored 17 points for the last staff test, and Zhao Yuxing scored 13 points.

Yue Zonglin was practicing swordsman Wang Yiwei brought two jars of wine to see Yue Zonglin for a drink. Thanks to Yue Zonglin’s last time in Suyu Palace, Yue Zonglin said that he also knew that Wang Yiwei was not easy, and Wang Yiwei said he was afraid In that deep palace, it is not Qiu Qi’s good home and want to take Qiu Qi to leave, is it very useless, Yue Zonglin told him that it is not courage to love someone, and it is a real man to let go for love like him. Zhao Yuxing and Yan Huanyue were in the last official examination to identify the medicinal materials. Jia Shu Tong Fei eat from the royal kitchens Zhao Yu-xing do Hibiscus cake back to his house, and began a stomach ache, Jia Shu Tong Fei ladies go to the hospital on the way too, met Shufei .

At the end of the staff test, Zhao Yuxing scored 25 points and Yan Huanyue scored 26 points. Just when Liu Yuan’s sentence was about to announce that Yan Huanyue was in charge of the staff, Concubine Tong Jia waited for my court lady to come to the Imperial Hospital to invite a physician, and the Liu Yuan sentence took Zhao Yuxing. I went to Tong Jia’s concubine’s palace with Yan Huanyue, and let Zhao Yuxing and Yan Huanyue diagnose the condition of Tong Jia’s concubine, which was regarded as an additional question. Liu Yuan’s sentence took Zhao Yuxing and Yan Huanyue to report to Concubine Shu’s condition.

Yan Huanyue said Concubine Tong Jia had a problem with the hibiscus cake made by Zhao Yuxing, but Zhao Yuxing’s answer was because Concubine Tong Jia ate it when she came to the letter. The cold thing is the reason for the abdominal pain. When the Liu Yuan judge told Concubine Shu that Tong Jia’s condition was as Zhao Yuxing said, Concubine Shu was very angry. Back to the hospital, Yan Huanyue jumped to conclusions without asking the patient’s condition, and Zhao Yuxing was asking the patient’s condition to make reasonable inferences, so because this additional test question changed the final result, Zhao Yuxing was the Be in charge of the staff. Zhao Yuxing went to find Yue Zonglin and gave Yue Zonglin a needle as soon as he saw Yue Zonglin. Yue Zonglin had been dancing wherever he was. Zhao Yuxing told Yue Zonglin that he had become an official in charge. Zhao Yuxing sighed. Until her father is both civil and military, her family suffered a catastrophe for unknown reasons.

She also told Yue Zonglin that she entered the palace to find out the truth. Yue Zonglin hugged Zhao Yuxing and told Zhao Yuxing that I would accompany him no matter what the outcome was. Looking at you, Zhao Yuxing said that he discovered that Liu Yuanzheng was a good friend with her father before. Tonight he wanted to ask Liu Yuanzheng to drink with the excuse that Liu Yuanzheng was in charge of the matter. In terms of words, Yue Zonglin disagreed with Zhao Yuxing and Liuyuan sentenced lone men and widows to go home together, afraid of what would happen. In the end, Zhao Yuxing couldn’t say let Yue Zonglin go together.

In the evening, Zhao Yuxing cooked a table of good dishes and took two jars of good wine. He asked Liu Yuan to judge a meal. He also said that he wanted to ask Liu Yuan to judge Uncle Liu to be so close. Liu Yuan judge agreed. After drinking for a while, Liu Yuanzhen saw that there was a pair of chopsticks on the table, so he asked Zhao Yuxing. Zhao Yuxing told him that there was someone important to her who was coming with him, but he hasn’t come. Zhao Yuxing and Liu Yuan had a drink.

After the meeting, Liu Yuan judge was a little drunk, Zhao Yuxing asked Liu Yuan judge something about her father Zhao Mingkai, where did he find out that her father and Liu Yuan judge are good friends, then Yue Zonglin came to the Liu Yuan sent him back to the room, and took Zhao Yuxing on the way back to the room. Zhao Yuxing wanted to hug Yue Zonglin when he had something to do. After being drunk, Zhao Yuxing was very cute.

The emperor summoned Yue Zonglin to ask if Yue Zonglin knew a man named Lu Qiliang. This person was a person who knew astronomy and geography. He was unwilling to call him several times. Recently his disciple Zeng Yonghe rebels When there was a chance, Yue Zonglin asked the emperor where Zeng Yong was now. He was willing to lead his troops to encircle and suppress Zeng Yong. The emperor asked Yue Zonglin to monitor Zeng Yong’s every move and report at any time. The little lady next to the emperor detected this and immediately took it. The incident was passed on by Fei Ge.

Yan Huanyue was very upset because she hadn’t become a clerk. She came to Zhao Yuxing for the theory early in the morning. Zhao Yuxing just woke up from wine and pretended to have drunk a lot. Huan Yue left by herself. The judge of Liu Yuan came to Zhao Yuxing to ask about what happened last night. Zhao Yuxing pretended that he drank too much yesterday and didn’t know what happened. The judge of Liu Yuan was very happy to see Zhao Yuxing so sensible. Zheli received the flying pigeon biography from the little eunuch, and wanted to revolt, Hong’er was willing to accompany Zheli.

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