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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 30 Recap

Back then, Snake Ji knew her identity and joined the demon to invade the East China Sea. Ao Jie once worked hard with her tribe and fought bloody battles. Unexpectedly, the demon emperor was so powerful that she was defeated and eventually controlled, witnessing the misfortune of her second brother. Nowadays, Ao Jie’s personality has changed drastically, and he is different. Even his father Ao Guang was unexpected. The Dragon King of the Four Seas saw that Ao Jie was frightened by Snake Ji’s lewd prestige, and he was willing to be a king dog.

Snake Ji uttered a false statement that when the altar was built, she would take the dragon blood by herself and force Aojie to admit the fact of the extermination. Ao Jie endured the humiliation, repeatedly saying yes, so angry that Ao Run was furious at hearing the words and called his rebellious son. The other three were also discouraged, as if they had seen the end of the dragon clan.

Because the little dragon girl could not resist the demon barrier in her body, she lost her mind on the spot and hit Moang severely with her shot. Until she became sober, she knew that it would cause a catastrophe, and she burst into tears. Fortunately, Mo Ang didn’t hurt her life, but Xiaolongnv had closed herself up and blamed herself. Nezha simply told Feng Xiaoge to cooperate with Shenhuo Nv because of her depression all day long, and then staged a poisoned death scene.

The little dragon girl believed it was true, and she cried on the spot. Nezha saw this situation, and quickly woke up to comfort, took the opportunity to persuade the little dragon girl not to lose hope, and encouraged her to cheer up again. Moreover, the Four Seas has not yet conquered, and the Dragon King is still in the hands of Snake Ji. Give up lightly. The little dragon girl was very moved, stepped forward to hug Nezha, and then temporarily suppressed the demon barrier with the help of the immortal turtle.

After the turtle fairy left the cave, the little dragon girl found the wordless brocade scroll and tortoise shell in the corner, and unexpectedly learned that the silver water token was in the painting illusion. Guixian knew that he could not continue to conceal it, so he had to frankly tell him that there are rare and exotic animals living in the painting fantasy realm, hence the name alien. Later, the alien did not want to be reduced to others’ pet mounts, so he asked the turtle fairy to help keep it secret.

Many people can’t find the entrance to the illusion because the entrance is hidden in the ancient scroll. The surface of this scroll looks ordinary and usually has no words. When the moon is full, it will show its appearance after absorbing the essence. However, no matter who enters the territory of Huatian Fantasy, there is a hidden secret. No matter who enters, it will lose his memory. Only the little dragon girl wears the aquarium necklace. This means that the little dragon girl needs to find the silver water token alone.

Since the ancient god scroll has not opened the barrier for a long time, the turtle fairy decided to find a suitable time before arranging the little dragon girl to enter the illusion. The first task at the moment is to select the co-master of the aquarium and gather the four seas. The Guixian called himself a military division, and entangled all the generals on the empty island to support Xiaolongnv as king. Moang was also willing to lead the elite soldiers to bow to his head, but Xiaolongnv didn’t dare to accept it until Nezha and others came forward and expressed their hope that she could bear this. Responsibility, no matter what the future is, everyone is backed by everyone.

At the same time, Snake Ji ordered Aojie to be responsible for the construction of the altar. Yu Ji went to the Dragon Palace secret room to spy on the truth under the pretext of getting the blueprints, and she was sure that the emperor of the Monster Race was his biological father. Yu Ji hated the demon emperor’s betrayal of her mother and caused her to die in vain, so she seized the time to improve her cultivation and prepared to seize the dragon blood mana to avenge her family.

Feng Xiaoge often miss Duan Wuzhuo, especially when eating. Although they are often noisy, they will join hands to fight the enemy at critical moments. Shenhuo Nu was used to them making loud noises, but the silence at the moment made her a little uncomfortable. Ne Zha was comforting the two, but Xiao Long Nu suddenly invited him to meet on the west coast.

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