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Youth Unprescribed 非处方青春 Episode 19 Recap

Yao Shunyu was already a little discouraged because of repeated confession rejections. He didn’t know how to face Tong Yushi, so he avoided her for the next few days. When Tong Yushi noticed Yao Shunyu’s changes, he was a little concerned. As she told Wang Wenjing, she always chooses the clothes she likes and weighs the pros and cons. If she didn’t like a piece of clothing at first, she liked it later, although the possibility is very small, but if it does happen, it is because the other party suddenly did not want to sell it to her when she was hesitant to buy it.

It was also rejected. Wen Tao’s idea was simpler. He felt that Wen Jing was right and he should study hard. Therefore, he specially made an anatomy review card for Wen Jing. Because in the first anatomy class, Wen Jing missed the opportunity to practice because of vomiting. This is where Wen Tao is attentive and simple. After Wu Yue found out, he helped Wen Tao give gifts to Wen Jing. Wen Jing was grateful for Wen Tao’s help, and she was still a bit hesitant to accept this gift. But it just so happens that the school has a new credit evaluation policy. The top two students with high scores can get the opportunity of internship with Professor Gao in advance.

According to Teacher Yang, Professor Gao had already memorized the book of Anatomy in his freshman year. So everyone decided to start with anatomy, so Wen Tao’s information came in handy and became the welfare of the 515 dormitory. For this credit assessment, everyone is studying very seriously. Even Yao Shunyu and Sun Shituo, who are usually silly, began to study hard. Lan Qixing is the one with the lowest grades in the 515 dormitory. Fortunately, with the help of other people, it can be regarded as slowly on track.

On the other hand, the annual school celebration event is also coming, and the drama club is preparing a program in order to participate in the event. The president chose the classic drama “Liang Zhu”, and Tong Yushi, the representative of the drama club’s face value, was naturally elected as Zhu Yingtai. Yao Shunyu, who is most interested in performances, is not as prominent as his appearance. Although he is more active, Liang Shanbo’s role is still given to him.

Yao Shunyu himself played the second male Ma Wencai, and Wen Tao was appointed to play Liang Shanbo’s book boy. However, Zhu Yingtai’s attendant maid has no choice. The president thinks that this person must have a play but can’t snatch it. That feeling is hard to describe. Until she saw Wu Yue sorting out her clothes, she immediately decided that Wu Yue would complete the role. Wu Yue just wanted to move the props quietly, she tried to persuade the president to change her mind. But the president has decided. She thinks that she wants to play with Tong Yushi, and there is no more suitable person except Wu Yue. Perhaps it is because Wu Yue’s temperament is indeed different from that of ordinary girls. He will neither steal the limelight of Tong Yu’s time, nor be completely submerged in the crowd.

The roles have been set, and rehearsals are in full swing. According to the script, Liang Zhu and Ma Wencai had a scene where they first met. Ma Wencai accidentally knocked Zhu Yingtai down and pulled her up and fell in love with her at first sight. However, Yao Shunyu made frequent mistakes during rehearsals, because the script required him to hold Zhu Yingtai’s hand tightly until his eyes met and Zhu Yingtai took the lead withdrawing his hand. But Zhu Yingtai was played by Tong Yushi. As soon as she caught Tong Yushi’s hand, Yao Shunyu became nervous, fearing that she would leave a bad impression on her again, so she unconsciously let go for many times.

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