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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 22 Recap

Under the water, Guo Deyou gradually entered the illusion. The Dragon King Temple became pure white. Gu Ying was wearing a red dress and hung a red cloth belt on the rope of the house beam. She said that the old river god once said that every person walks in the Dragon King Temple. I need to tie a red cloth to this rope. Each red cloth on the top represents a person.

She is about to tie the red cloth to herself and Guo Deyou, and wants Guo Deyou to help. It didn’t happen that Guo Deyou just walked up the ladder, the ladder As if he was mad, he accelerated to the high altitude. The speed was very fast. Guo Deyou climbed up the ladder. Gu Ying accused him of saying nothing and did not protect the life given to him by the old river god. It should not be taken lightly. Just giving up is really unfilial.

Now that the Haihe River is in a severe drought, the people who rely on water for food are miserable. Seeing that Haihe is in distress and disaster, as a small river god, you should not let go. It is infidelity to Haihe. So many brothers in the corpse hunting team are waiting for the pot. Not long after they died, if the captain disappears, then the brothers will really disband. This is unrighteous to the corpse fishing team. For Gu Ying, they are just a marriage contract that has not been fulfilled. If Guo Deyou He died like this, and it was really unfaithful, unfilial, unjust and unkind.

After all, Guo Deyou’s surroundings became a square wall, and a board fell from it, and he was almost out of breath. Various noises rang in Time’s ears. He gritted his teeth and smashed the board, and returned to the real world. He successfully unlocked the silver bell and also smashed the wooden boards on his and Gu Ying’s heads. Gu Ying was unconscious for a long time. , Was finally awakened by Guo Deyou, and then met the brothers from the corpse scavenger team, and both of them were fished out together with the gold bars.

In the evening, Gu Ying talked to Ding Mao and Xiao Lanlan about what happened in the water mound during the day. At this time, Guo Deyou on the side suddenly became sharper, his eyesight and hearing were excellent, and he could even see insects flap their wings and feel the power of sound. At this time, he found extremely tiny salt particles on Ding Mao’s head, exactly the same as those on Liu’s head of the shadow puppet.

He and Ding Mao came to Dr. Rong’s physiotherapy and found a large amount of silt rock salt on the edge of the pool. It was only in the Western Regions. It is a rare salt. The Rong people have used it for treatment for thousands of years. It cannot be seen in other places in Tianjin Wei. It means that the shadow puppet Liu has also soaked in this pool. I suspect that Rong Aoshuang has a big problem.

At this time, everyone found that the president of the Tea Merchants Association was also tied to this pool. Guo Deyou found that he was also hit by the silver bell, and muttered to himself, “Xihua Construction Zone, 857”, that place is the big cousin. Several people rushed to the fertilizer plant.

Guo Deyou and Ding Mao were trapped in an abandoned room. At this time, a voice came from the speakers, “Before they tried to explode with dummies, but later found that it was really good. Before Mayor Bai robbed me of gold, I let He shut his mouth in this room.” This familiar voice is Commander Wu. He was making a white phosphorous bomb privately. He was smashed by two people and wanted to kill him. Fortunately, his cousin, Xiao Lanlan and Gu Ying appeared and saved the two. People, a few people rushed away.

The big cousin suddenly thought that the exhaust gas produced by the production of white phosphorus bombs is highly toxic. He asked everyone to wet their clothes with water to block their mouths and noses, release the poisonous gas, and escape in the chaos. Then a few people tricked Commander Wu into the test room and decided The next day, he reported the matter to the governor and the Beijing government. Unexpectedly, at this time, someone suddenly threw a white phosphorus bomb into the room and burned Commander Wu to death. This person was Rong Aoshuang.

Ding Mao inspected Commander Wu’s body and found that his tattoos looked like two tigers without heads. The heads of tigers with wheat ears scattered around the body were one of the four famous nuclei in Wenwan walnut. The combination of the two was just a piece of cake. Two tigers, Mayor Bai was in charge of the money, Commander Wu was in charge of the money, and both legs of the army gold were unloaded. Naturally, Tianjin was messed up. It turned out that this is the second tiger.

At this time, Captain Fu found a letter signed by Taber. This military factory was co-organized by Commander Wu and Tabor. Taber was the western doctor who prescribed aspirin to Crazy Cui. He went around for a long time. Fortunately, Tai Bo was Rong Aoshuang. Ding Mao became more angry the more he thought about it, and he blamed himself. He and Rong Aoshuang had been in the same room for so long, but he didn’t notice any clues at all, and the murderer was by his side.

At this time, Ding Mao recalled seeing the scar on Rong Aoshuang’s hand before. The shape of the wound was the same width and width. It should be a thin line or string. Guo Deyou thought deeply about the whole case and analyzed that Rong Aoshuang guided the golden robbery. In the case, a series of deaths are closely related to her. At present, nine people and two tigers are dead. What should be the remaining one?

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