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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 29 Recap

The demon emperor urged the stone formations to block the way, and sent demon soldiers to fight. Nezha and the others fought to the death. General Guinu helped them to block the boulders. Duan Wuzhu took advantage of the immortal turtle to flee with everyone. He hurriedly entangled the Demon Emperor, and after his body was broken, the magic weapon was destroyed and his life was lost in the hands of the Demon Emperor.

Because the little dragon girl used the dragon sucking method before, it caused the devil energy to enter the body and gradually penetrate into the heart. If it continues to spread all over her body, she may become a demon. The immortal turtle set up an array to hide her trace, and then used the turtle breathing power to heal the little dragon girl’s injuries, causing her to pause her heart pulse and only breathe through her pores.

Nezha saw Xiaolongnv fall into a coma, and Duan Wuzhuo died of death, and the whole person fell into extreme self-blame. Mo Ang sat by the bed and prayed that the little dragon girl would wake up as soon as possible. He couldn’t help but look back. When he noticed the strangeness, everyone mistakenly thought that the little dragon girl had died, and they were suddenly sad. Fortunately, the turtle fairy rushed to explain the reason and awakened the little dragon girl.

However, when Xiaolongnu learned the truth, she was deeply shocked, worried that she would lose her mind and hurt her innocence in the future, so she begged Nezha to personally punish her. Nezha firmly believes that there will be nothing wrong with the little dragon girl, and the others are also trying their best to remove the devil, but if they want to fight against the monster race, I am afraid that only the combination of gold and silver tokens can be used. At times, the turtle fairy always pretended to be crazy and stupid, so he had to give up temporarily.

After this battle, the demon emperor not only lost much mana, but even suffered heavy casualties. The demon emperor angrily rebuked the dark messenger for incompetence. Even if he fought against the dragons many times, he was still poisoned. However, the dark messenger had misery to speak, and because of Princess Snake Ji’s presence, he could only silently shoulder the responsibility.

Seeing that the day when Taihao’s righteous decline was approaching, the Demon Emperor ordered the Snake Ji to seize the time to prepare the altar before entering the customs. The Snake Ji responded with anxiety. Snake Ji wanted to make up for the mistakes and win the favor of the demon emperor, so she asked the ugly prime minister to break the formation while being in charge of the strong man. When the altar was completed, the turtle immortal could also be caught to obtain the silver water token and fall.

After hearing the news of Duan Wuzhuo’s death, the little dragon girl knew that Nezha was uncomfortable. Fortunately, Mo Ang had already asked Guixian Ren and understood that the magic weapon was immortal, so she could find the universe again. It’s just that Mo Ang is still worried about Ao Bing’s death, and even thinks that Nezha shouldn’t interfere with the internal affairs of the dragon family. Xiaolongnu believes in Nezha and reminds Mo Ang to recognize right and wrong and stop saving others by herself.

Ne Zha suddenly disappeared. Feng Xiaoge and Shenhuo Girl were worried that he would be short-sighted, so they hurriedly searched around, but Moang found Ne Zha alone on the beach, depressed, and then brought him to Xiaolong Girl. Xiaolongnu promised to take revenge with Nezha, but now I hope Nezha will not be arrogant, so as not to increase casualties.

Seeing the current situation through the crystal ball, the water elf couldn’t help but start to feel annoyed. It was obvious that Xiaolongnu needed her help most, but she was locked here and couldn’t leave. The eldest prince Ao revealed the water spirit and stole snacks to her from the kitchen. Seeing that he still had a conscience, the water spirit immediately persuaded him to abandon the secrets and find a way to revive the world. However, Ao Jie was cowardly and didn’t dare to resist the demon clan at all. Even the golden water token did not dare to intervene, which made the water elves hate it.

At the same time, Snake Ji saw Ao Jie coming out of the water elf room with an empty food box, and directly ordered the Ugly Prime Minister to take a lesson. Ao Jie was so scared that she knelt to the ground, begging, but she was put on by Snake Ji. The dog leash leads to the dungeon.

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