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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 28 Recap

Regarding the enlistment of the demon clan princess, the little dragon girl couldn’t follow, and the fire dragon truthfully reported. As a result, the demon emperor had already expected that, instead of being angry, she was quite appreciative and promised Nezha to come and witness the little dragon girl try on the dress.

Nezha was domineering to defend the little dragon girl, and did not hesitate to fight against the demon emperor. However, the demon emperor’s skills were so profound that he did not put him in the eyes at all, and even used his life as a threat, forcing the little dragon girl to catch her. Seeing that Nezha suffered heavy losses one after another, the little dragon girl was willing to sacrifice her reputation and bow down to the demon clan in order to protect Nezha.

The soldiers of the West Sea found out the source of the ice drops. Moang believed that the magic palace was tightly guarded. If he led his troops to the palace, he would be exposed. He immediately decided to sneak into the magic palace to rescue him. By the way, he killed the monster soldiers and absorbed the magic energy to cover the immortal energy.

When Princess Snake Ji heard that the little dragon girl had returned, she was shocked, and directly ordered Yu Ji to take her to see Nezha, first use her glory and wealth to win Nezha, so that she will work, and promised to give him the title of Shui General. Ne Zha found Snake Ji’s treacherous tricks, and strictly refused, especially knowing how she and the Demon Emperor together killed Ao Bing and planted herself in the past, how could she easily succumb to her. Snake Ji guessed that there would be such a situation, and simply ordered Yu Ji to wait for an opportunity to release Nezha, and when the Nezha chaos ceremony was on the scene, she could take advantage of the chaos to get rid of the little dragon girl.

Snake Ji was secretly delighted when she heard this, knowing that the current progress was under control, and when she was about to implement the plan, she accidentally ran into Moang exploring the terrain of the magic palace. Snake Ji thought of the previous salvation sentiment, and hurriedly pulled Mo Ang away, blaming him. She originally wanted to take him away, but Mo Ang insisted on staying. She even persuaded Yu Ji to throw away the dark to help him rescue the Dragon Girl and Nezha.

The sealing ceremony is just around the corner, Xiaolongnu asked to see Nezha for the last time before attending the ceremony. At this time Nezha was being tied up by magic, even if the little dragon girl tried various ways, she was powerless until Moang stunned the guard and broke in. At first, Moang was still annoyed at Nezha, but he watched the situation urgently and did not care to settle the accounts. He immediately released the imprisonment with Xiaolongnv and fleeed with Nezha.

The demon emperor delayed seeing the little dragon girl, and his patience was almost exhausted, so he went to the ceremony to prepare, and ordered the dark messenger to directly take the little dragon girl to the ceremony to rendezvous, and notified Princess Snake Ji to come and observe the ceremony. The fire dragon took Snake Ji to the ceremony. Before Mo Ang was exposed, Yu Ji walked to Snake Ji and made a voice to hint that Mo Ang would not come out.

The dark messenger found that Nezha had escaped from the magic and immediately reported to the demon emperor. Snake Ji noticed that the demon emperor was jealous and panicked. To Yu Ji and Dark Messenger. Demon Emperor Nian was in love with her in the past, and let her go for a while, then urged the magic palace organs to send demon soldiers to block the way. Nezha and others tried their best to rush out of the encirclement, seeing the huge boulders falling frequently, forming a magic circle, and almost being imprisoned in it. Fortunately, General Turtle Fury brought a group of turtle soldiers against the boulder and bought them time to escape.

Yu Ji wanted to clear her own suspicion, deliberately poisoned the dark messenger, and then took the dark messenger to see the demon emperor. Snake Ji stepped forward to check and found that the dark messenger had been poisoned by the dragon clan, and the demon emperor could only detoxify him first.

Nezha and the others finally escaped from the devil’s palace, before breathing for a while, they saw the fire dragon envoy trailing behind, trying to capture them back to the devil’s palace. The three of them joined forces to fight, causing the fire dragon to become devilish and lose his mind. Moang asked Nezha to take the dragon girl away first, and the demon emperor suddenly appeared.

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