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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 27 Recap

Originally, the god-fire girl floated far away with the boat, and everyone was about to leave, but because Grand Master Guanyin thought she had a heart of contrition, she cast a law to revive her. Shenhuo Girl raised points through Guanyin, determined to cut off her desires, followed Nezha with all her strength to complete the unfinished mission, and hoped that Yang Jian could practice Dao as soon as possible and rank among the immortals. When Yang Jian heard this, he felt sad, forced to hide his feelings and say goodbye to her.

The demon emperor knew that the mission had failed, and was furious. The dark messenger believed that Nezha must be eliminated, but the little dragon girl possessed the aura of the Dragon Race Heavenly Dance, so staying with the demon emperor would be useful. Yu Ji’s mother was dying due to the Qi of Heavenly Dance. The Dark Envoy’s remarks were clearly aimed at, so Yu Ji asked in private, but the Dark Envoy will only be loyal to the Demon Emperor, and it is absolutely impossible to give her life She is.

Now the three magic weapons have been gathered, but Hun Tian Ling and the Firetip Spear have not been found. There is no trace of the flaming gun, but Hun Tian Ling has a clue. Because her predecessor was tied with a silk ribbon of the ancient god scroll, it happened that the ancient god scroll was hidden in the cave water cave, so she identified the location according to chance. Then Hun Tian Ling is very likely to appear near the grotto.

With this clue, the dark messenger secretly used this clue and deliberately lowered his posture in front of the fire dragon, begging him to help him, take off the red silk and pretend to be a hungry silk, so as to lure Nezha and the little dragon girl to chase the trap and spread the net. Nezha angered Huolongen for revenge, but Huolong didn’t take it seriously, and saw the dark messenger take him into the magic palace stone prison.

Nezha blamed the little dragon girl for being dragged down, and the little dragon girl blamed him for being impulsive. The two blamed each other and quarreled endlessly. The three magic weapons had to be transformed into a human form to persuade peace. Everyone discussed how to escape the predicament. Feng Xiaoge set an example and prepared to become a magic weapon and get out of the gate. Who knows that the stone prison has been enchanted, and it can be drilled seamlessly. Duan Wuzhuo’s copper head and iron arms tried to break the stone pillar to no avail, but he was completely wounded. Watching the god fire woman cast a spell to burn the wall, she failed to melt the wall until the end, causing the flame to gradually decrease.

Just when everyone was at a loss, the demon emperor came to the dungeon to watch the jokes. Nezha saw that he was upset, and together with the magic weapons, he sang and scolded Sanghuai. The demon emperor was instantly enraged, and severely injured Nezha with his shot. It turned out that the Taiyi True Person not only helped Nezha rebuild his life, but also transmitted his own skills to him, so he concluded that Nezha should be the Aitu Lingzhu under the Taiyi True Person seat. Afterwards, there was no news, but the mortal resurrected and secretly formed an alliance with the aquarium.

Thinking of this, the demon emperor decided to accept the little dragon girl as a goddaughter, so that she would return to the demon clan, and when the ceremony was over, he would refine Nezha into an elixir for his own use. Snake Ji learned the news from the fire dragon and was shocked. She immediately rushed to the magic palace to beg the demon emperor to think twice. After all, she and Xiaolongnv were enemies before, how can they live in peace now? The sisters call each other.

After many days of training, the elite soldiers under Moang made great progress. The shrimp soldiers searched for news about the little dragon girl, and found that the little dragon girl appeared in Liuyun Town, Po Suo Island and other places one after another, but every time they would be a step late, there is only the magic palace. search. At the same time, the little dragon girl was inspired by the water droplets, so she condensed the water directly into ice droplets, cast a spell and transported out of the stone prison for help, and happened to fall into the hands of Mo Ang, realizing the death of the little dragon girl.

Because of the demon emperor’s resolute attitude, Snake Ji only obeyed superficially, and secretly planned to get rid of Xiaolongnu and Nezha first. The dark messenger was ordered by the demon emperor to go to the stone prison and tell the little dragon girl to change her dress to participate in the ceremony. Nezha and others satirized in public, and refused.

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