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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 20 Recap

The owner of the shadow play found that someone had made Liu Guanzhang’s shadow puppet and placed it on the lid of the water tank. Unexpectedly, after opening the lid, there was a dead person inside. A closer look turned out to be Liu Guanzhang.

The corpse salvaging team picked up a submerged truck from the water. Ding Mao and Guo Deyou came to the scene. Ding Mao found a few shadow puppets in the truck. He guessed that someone was hiding in the car, manipulating the shadow puppets, and the shadows looked like they were seen from the outside. As a car escort of soldiers, Manager Lin was deceived in this way.

Ding Mao rushed to the shadow play troupe to investigate the corpse. The carotid artery of the corpse was scratched by a sharp weapon, causing death due to excessive blood loss. The shadow puppeteer told Guo Deyou that the shadow puppet Zhang’s death was considered a crime by the patriarch.

After that, a living thing is used to fix the soul. Generally speaking, the throat of the living chicken is cut and thrown into the tank, and then the shadow puppet is placed on the mouth of the tank, covered with a red cloth, and then made to come alive. It’s as if there is a soul, but in fact it is a picture of a colorful head. In this way, the shadow puppet Zhang used his life to fix the soul of Liu Guanzhang.

Guo Deyou felt that the four brothers had stolen the gold together. At present, Dou Dou Zhang was still alive. A cobbler, a carpenter, a Dou Dou and a prostitute. How did they know the military gold deal and where did they get it? Military vehicles are really puzzling. Perhaps there is an expert in it. If a fake military vehicle goes to a real bank, how many people even make a fake bank?

The officer who received the money denied that the bank would have any fakes, saying that he was going to send the money strictly according to the instructions. Afterwards, he was afraid of being tricky and took someone away. Guo Deyou went to investigate and found that there were deer tendons on the walls along the way.

Ding Mao came to his cousin to help test the milk that Manager Lin drank that day, and found that the milk was mixed with croton water, which would cause diarrhea.

Xiao Lanlan was about to go out and found the president of the Tea Merchants Chamber coming. He knew that Lan Lan was Chabai Mayor and Commander Wu. He said that in order to avenge his son Zi Ren, he almost used all his wealth to investigate the two of them. Cooperate with Xiao Lanlan and help each other. Xiao Lanlan’s Jinlan Times is the cleanest newspaper in Tianjin. I want her to help expose the truth.

But when Zi Ren died that day, Ding Mao was also there, but the president used his instinct to judge. Ding Mao should be a good person, but now in Jincheng Vanity Fair, Thaksin can’t trust anyone. Unless Ding Mao can identify the person who shot that day, Mayor Bai and Commander Wu must have noticed that someone is investigating them and should take action soon. He wanted to tell Xiao Lanlan the information he found as soon as possible.

Xiao Lanlan handled the report well, and hurried to eat with Ding Mao, secretly reminding him not to let innocent people be wronged just because of the so-called loyalty to the line.

Guo Deyou, Ding Mao, Gu Ying, and Xiao Lanlan came to the bank at night to investigate why the military vehicle didn’t know why they went the wrong way. What they saw on the wall and the deer tendon line should be used to hang the wall and block the way. Otherwise, the officer who gave the gold would not miss Victoria to the second intersection, and then turned right at the third intersection and turned outside a mysterious factory building. Gu Ying smashed the door lock with a stone. Several people walked in and found it inside. It turned out to be a high-fake vault of a fake bank, and even printed a fake wall with a pictorial, and was very careful.

That day, Manager Lin arrived at Kaidun Church half an hour earlier to collect the money, so what he encountered was a fake military vehicle. It was the younger brother Shadow Puppet Liu who stayed in the car to manipulate the shadow puppet soldier. The second brother Huang Mujiang was missing two front teeth. The characteristics are too obvious to speak, only to fight, so the man who pretends to be an officer must be a big brother to fight Zhang. The milk that Manager Lin drank in the morning was mixed with croton water and the abdominal pain was unbearable, so without opening the box for gold inspection So Dou Dou Zhang got his own certificate of deposit.

Even if the military gold transaction between Commander Wu and Mayor Bai was completed, the deposit in the bank was actually a box of dry ice. These things need to be controlled within half an hour. Finished inside, because then it’s time to pretend to be Manager Lin and go back to Kaidun Church to pick up the real military vehicle, and then pull up the fake wall, so that you can ensure that the real military vehicle misses the intersection behind the real bank. This way, a box Gold got it smoothly, and I didn’t expect these people to be able to act.

But it is impossible for these four people to know about the military money transaction, let alone get the military vehicle. There must be someone behind them, pretending that the ancestor punishes all kinds of crimes and rewards. The ancestor is related to the two tigers. It’s time for the second tiger to start. The nine cows lose their lives and the second tigers lose gold, so the tiger refers to gold.

At present, the fake bank has been found, but where did the real gold go? Guo Deyou felt that the four brothers were left with the unidentified Dudou Zhang, and he would find the gold.

Guo Deyou heard the brothers of the corpse salvaging team talk about the appearance of a man who resembled the dead carpenter Huang, so he wanted to draw him to appear.

In the evening, Guo Deyou and Ding Mao caught Zhongji’s Carpenter Huang. He was really not dead. He should have died as an upset. It was Carpenter Huang who killed him and disguised the body as himself. This is the fourth brother. Is there a relationship between human beings and nine cattle, two tigers and one chicken?

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