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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 19 Recap

Boss Lu told Guo Deyou that Li Dashan’s great apprentice Dudou Zhang——Zhang Chengzhan could get medicinal incense wood, and when Dudou every month at 15 midnight, he would burn paper money in the empty tomb and meet and exchange experiences between colleagues. This is called seeing the light of the sky. Those who fight against the sky will stand up a grave for themselves. First, they are brave and are not afraid of troubles. Second, they run away from other people’s graves when it gets dark. Maybe they will get into the soil one day. It’s called a rainy day.

Only the experts in one place can tell which side is an ordinary graveyard and which side is an empty tomb. Under the guidance of the boss, Yaoji, the two visited the old forest in the deep mountains at night. Some people are spreading paper money. They saw a man burning paper in front of Zhang Chengzhu’s grave. They thought it should be this man, so they went to inquire about the situation. Unexpectedly, this man suddenly turned around and sprinkled a handful of soil on the two of them and disappeared. Up.

Guo Deyou found out that Zhang Chengzhu’s grave had paper money with strange patterns. The ordinary paper money was nothing more than ingots of ingots, seven coppers, eight irons, nine gold and silver, but he had never seen such a special pattern painted. Gu Ying thought that the person just now must It’s not Zhang Chengzhuan, because this person has a strong powdery gas.

Ding Mao disguised as an old man and entered the land of fireworks-Cangcui Building, looking for the woman wearing a cheongsam with a mole on her chest. The old bustard said that this person was Xiaoyuehong. She was entertaining guests and needed to wait in line.

Guo Deyou showed the paper money with the strange pattern to Mr. Lu. Mr. Lu recognized that it was the flower tea ticket from Cangcui Building. If the kiln sister in the kiln met her favorite guests, she would give this flower tea ticket. You don’t need to line up and you don’t need tea money, but the key is not the money. The key is that the flower tea ticket can only be sent out by the girl. Neither the brothel nor the old bustard can be the master. It’s not the top card but also the big celebrity that the sons and buddies are fighting for. It is useless to have money in the kiln. It is really decent to have tea tickets in your pocket.

Guo Deyou took the flower tea ticket and came to Cangcui Building in disguise. The owner of this flower tea ticket was Xiaoyuehong Ding Mao was looking for. The two met in a brothel. Guo Deyou planned to let Ding Mao go with him to see Xiaoyuehong. Unexpectedly, pushing the door open, Xiaoyuehong was tied up by Wuhuada and died in the room. The cause of death should be an overdose of aphrodisiac. The murderer should have fought with the deceased before his death and was injured. Ding Mao asked the old bust to protect the case. Upon spot, the police will be notified to check.

Ding Mao came to the bank manager Lin again to inquire about the details of the case. He found that his statement was very problematic. Ask him to think about telling the truth. The manager frankly said that the morning he received the money did feel a little earlier than usual, and walked to Da Zhongzheng. When preparing to check the watch, I met Xiaoyuehong who came to ask for Xiaoyao money, but soon he reflected that someone had moved his body, not only time and stomach, but he didn’t eat anything that day, only drank a bottle. Milk, walking on the street is very uncomfortable, but I didn’t dare to go to the bathroom because I was afraid of delay in receiving the money.

After arriving at the bank, the army master who gave the money seemed to be delaying time on purpose. He didn’t rush to do anything. Later he learned about the vault. The theft was a major negligence of duty, so I had to lie. After Ding Mao left, Manager Lin planned to burn charcoal to commit suicide. He did not want his family to lose face because of this. Fortunately, Ding Mao responded in time to rescue him and wanted to invite him to water transportation. The Chamber of Commerce acts as a bank manager.

Zhang Shenpo told Guo Deyou and Gu Ying about Li Dashan’s four apprentices. Among them, there were two unconvincing men and women. They were not right in their minds. They got together when they were learning arts. Later they stole Li Dashan’s heirloom and ran away. Later, the man did the deficient business of looting the tomb, while the woman fell into the fireworks field. It seems that one of these two is Zhang Chengzhuan and the other is Xiaoyuehong.

Huang Mujiang, Dou Dou Zhang, and Xiao Yuehong worked together to recycle the medicinal incense coffin. That’s why there was a funerary to honor the old bustard. Guo Deyou showed the wood she picked up to God Po Zhang, who was scared and said that it was. An inch of wood, what the ancestor condemned.

Guo Deyou analyzed that it was Carpenter Huang who had been killed by Doudou Zhang, and then the husband and wife turned against each other and wiped out Xiaoyuehong’s mouth. Gu Ying felt that when the nine cows were over, it would be two tigers. In addition to Carpenter Huang, there were also the prodigal brothels in the grave. Stuff, besides Li Dashan, there should be other apprentices.

Zhang Shenpo said that Huang Mujiang also has a junior, named Liu Chengmao, who is very smart. He learned the craft of masking the face from Li Dashan, entered the shadow puppet class, and went to sing the shadow puppet show. Guo Deyou and Gu Ying went to investigate together. After investigating the whereabouts of Shadow Puppet Liu, he found the same deer tendon line that tied Xiaoyuehong. Guo Deyou thought it might be Shadow Puppet Liu who killed Xiaoyuehong.

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