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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 26 Recap

The peacock brought the drink to the queen and took the opportunity to put the poison. Yu Ji saw this situation and changed the poisoned wine when buying the fruit plate. Although Yang Jian lost his mana, but the technique was still there, he easily defeated the peacock and the wild chrysanthemum, which made the two angry into anger. He tore off the camouflage on the spot, mobilized the generals to surround the martial arts stage, and intimidated the queen to capture. However, when the queen saw Yang Jian guarding her behind her, she was moved and cast a spell directly to block the arrow to protect him.

At the same time, Feng Xiaoge and Duan Wuzhuo deliberately distracted the female soldiers guarding the formation, Xiaolongnu read the export formula according to the picture, and Nezha cracked the five-pointed star formation in turn according to the formula, but the last level was never solved. . Xiaolongnv found that this level needed to recruit thunder, and she simply used a dead horse as a living horse doctor, and directly picked up Nezha and threw it into the air. Sure enough, thunder and lightning were attracted and the formation was successfully destroyed.

The seal was lifted, everyone regained their spiritual power, and the dark messenger took advantage of Yang Jian to deal with other people, and attacked the queen behind her back and severely injured her. Yang Jian resisted death and saw that Xiaolongnu and Nezha arrived in time, so he helped the queen to sit aside and helped her to heal her injuries. While Nezha was hitting all the enemies, he accidentally discovered that the Queen was showing the Nine Dragon God Fire Cover, and Yang Jian also discovered that the God Fire Girl was Master Yan Ji.

When Yan Ji fell on a small island in the mortal world, because she lost her memory, she did not know her identity and did not know the Spring and Autumn Period. From then on, the gods and fire women worshipped sisters with them, the three traveled around, and finally came to Psuo Island to settle down, that’s why the gods and fire country was founded that respected women.

Now that the peacock and the wild chrysanthemum have been cast out of prototypes one after another, the god fire woman deeply feels self-blame. If she had not turned her two into adulthood and had human feelings, she would probably not be instigated by a traitor and go astray. Shenhuo Girl begged Nezha to let them go. Nezha didn’t refuse the reason, and simply agreed, but when asked if the Shenhuo Girl had recovered her memory, she still didn’t know why.

When the dark messenger learned that Yu Ji had destroyed this plan, she originally wanted to tell the Demon Emperor, but Yu Ji used the antidote as bait to lure the dark messenger to continue cooperating with her. Yu Ji suggested that the matter of the God and Fire Girl could be turned away to Nezha first, and then to make plans later, the dark messenger saw that the God and Fire Girl was running out of time, so he set the target on the Little Dragon Girl.

The Shenhuo Girl didn’t want to drag Yang Jian because of this, she simply went against the blood while healed her injury, blocking Yang Jian’s transmission of spiritual power, and then fell into Yang Jian’s arms and confessed affectionately. Yang Jian was heartbroken, and frankly admitted that he had deep roots in his love for Shenhuo Nv. He had completely fallen in love with her as early as the Kunlun Immortal Courtyard. However, after seeing each other after many years, he wanted to experience life and death again.

Nezha and the others waited anxiously at the door until a stern cry came from the house. Fang felt that something was wrong, so he hurriedly pushed in and saw Yang Jian holding the corpse of Shenhuo female tightly, crying in grief. Afterwards, Nezha gathered all the generals and the people, and announced the Queen’s death in public. According to the death of the goddess, the law was abolished, the slaves were released, and the government was restored to the people. Since then, there will be no God Fire Country.

Po Suo Island was completely restored to peace and tranquility, and the people also placed the God Fire Girl in a small boat and said their final farewell. Nezha can never forget the days when he used to fight side by side. Duan Wuzhuo and Feng Xiaoge are also empathetic, but Yang Jian turned his back and forbeared his emotions. Even if there were thousands of sentences, he finally turned into two tears and followed the wind Scattered.

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