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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 30 Recap

For the sake of his knowledge, Fang’s father was willing to publicly apologize to Li Zhe’s father and tell the whole truth of the case even if he was ruined. However, he made a condition and asked Li Zhe to forgive Fang Zhiyou. He knew that Fang Zhiyou was sincere to Li Zhe back then. Fang Zhiyou always regarded Li Zhe as his only friend.

Now Fang’s health is deteriorating. He hopes Li Zhe Can continue to accompany his son. Fang’s father admitted to Li Zhe that the group filed that as long as Li Zhe’s father resisted the lawsuit, Fang’s father would be held responsible for all future cases of the group. Faced with such a huge temptation, he chose to betray Li Zhe’s father. Now looking at Fang Zhiyou lying on the bed, Fang’s father decided to tell the truth

Fang Zhiyou apologized to Xu Yiren, and shouldn’t just watch Xu Yiren being bullied. Xu Yiren promised not to lie to him in the future, knowing that you have now decided to accept Xu Yiren’s shortcomings and forgive her for all deficiencies. He Yuwen learned that Fang Zhi was injured and came to the hospital to visit, but found that he and Xu Yiren were hugging each other. He Yuwen told Yu Qing that if she did not take any measures, Xu Yiren would be kicked out of the company.

Fang’s father fulfilled his promise and will also be sanctioned. He brought Fang Zhiyou to Li Zhe’s father and apologized to him, saying that he would always live in regret, but he didn’t want the child to be tortured. Li Zhe’s father was very excited when he heard it, and suddenly recognized Li Zhe in front of him, and the two hugged tightly. Li Zhe gave up the appeal. He didn’t want his father to face these disputes again, and decided to stay with his father.

Li Zhe admitted that he had done a lot of wrong things in order to retaliate, and he wanted to resign from the position of Great Sage. Fang Zhiyou didn’t care about these things for a long time, and the two finally reconciled as before. Yu Qing learned that Xu Yiren and Fang Zhi had reconciled and spread the rumors that Xu Yiren became pregnant without marriage.

Fang Zhiyou was jealous for her and went to the hospital. In order to avenge Xu Yiren, Shatty splashed dirty water on Yu Qing’s family and asked her to clarify her rumors. Yu Qing accused her of being an unwanted old girl, and Xu Yiren forced Yu Qing to apologize to Xia Di, and also said that she would never have anything to do with Yu Qing’s mother and daughter in the future. My uncle couldn’t bear it, and asked my aunt to treat Xu Yiren kindly, otherwise he would divorce her.

The deadline for Zhiwu Academy was coming soon. Knowing that he couldn’t draw pictures because of his hand injury, he asked Li Zhe for help. He Yuwen returned home and found that her father was very dissatisfied with Chen Qiming’s plan. He asked He Yuwen how he planned to design. He Yuwen knew that her father had repeated the same tricks as five years ago and accused him of not doing this. Father He believes that Fang Zhiyou is his own student, and he is now taking everything back to him. Then, Father He’s attitude softened. He thought that he was old.

Many people in Liangshan were counting on him. Moreover, I knew that for the female assistant, he had left behind the feelings he had with Yuwen He for so many years. Everything He Yuwen did for him It’s not worth it. When Fang knows that she has become famous with her female assistant, Fangyuan will no longer have the position of He Yuwen.

Li Zhe helped Fang Zhiyou complete the design drawings, and the two celebrated their achievements by drinking. Fang Zhiyou got drunk after only a drink, treated Li Zhe as Xu Yi, and wanted to kiss him. With the unremitting efforts of everyone, the design was finally completed, and everyone was relieved. Fang Zhiyou mentioned that he would marry Xu Yiren after the grievance with Li Zhe was over. Xu Yiren thought that such a proposal was too sloppy, unlike Gu Bo who prepared a grand proposal.

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