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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 18 Recap

The person in charge of Jincheng Bank told the common people that all kinds of superstitions are superstitious, so that everyone does not have to panic, and deposit money in the bank steadily. Before the voice fell, one person fell from the sky and fell to the ground. The reporters present hurriedly He stepped forward to take pictures and found that the deceased was the boss Wu Youyi, who was an upside-down leather goods owner. He started from scratch with a bundle of yellow leather. His cousin was the captain of the police station. On the other side, the abbot of Shixi Temple also died in the temple. Shixi is Shiniu. , Shi Niu Zhenshui, everyone is worried that the sea monster will not survive.

Xiao Lanlan also got the news. Another cow died. The deceased was the captain of the Silver Bull, who was hanged on the ship. Currently, gold, silver, copper and iron are all available.

The Jincheng Bank was surrounded by the people. Everyone wanted to withdraw money immediately. The staff tried their best to maintain order and let everyone rest and relax. They announced that the vault was a major location and opened it as an exception. Mayor Bai came to open the vault in person. I hope that reporters will report truthfully. In order to let the recent rumors about empty banks in banks be self-defeating, Mayor Bai hoped that the citizens would rest assured that all major banks in Tianjin would be able to deposit and withdraw freely. They were shocked to find that gold was missing after opening the warehouse.

The bank was empty and the army owed payments. The governor felt that this was going to be a mess in Tianjin, and he wanted Ding Mao to help investigate the case.

Guo Deyou confirmed that Huang Carpenter possesses Li Dashan’s unique craftsmanship of medicinal incense wood, but he used medicinal incense wood to make coffins. The business is very auspicious, and he has craftsmanship. However, these days have passed and become more useless. His shouzai shop was not clean. He raised his corpse in order to attract yin, and Huang Carpenter did not work during the day and chose to play the coffin in the middle of the night. After all, Guo Deyou and Gu Ying went to Huang Carpenter’s coffin shop.

As soon as I entered the coffin shop, I could smell the strong smell of medicinal incense wood. I didn’t see Carpenter Huang, and the new coffin had been sealed with wax and nailed. It stands to reason that these steps are the procedures that should be followed during burial. Guo Deyou wondered why the new coffin in the coffin shop had to go through this process, but was puzzled.

Ding Mao was collecting the case of the loss of silver number money, and found that no one had come in from the storage of the gold bullion to the opening of the box, and the seal was intact. According to reports, the top security standards of the vault are in compliance with the requirements, and the security is all day. There should be no leaks when they are on duty and reporting on duty regularly. At this time, Ding Mao found that the box was damaged.

He felt that the gold bars were not stolen from the warehouse, but had been packaged with dry ice before being put into the warehouse. Solid dry ice gas The air pressure in the sealed space inside the chemical box rises and a small slit is opened on the top of the box. The vaporized dry ice volatilizes through the small slit and disappears invisible.

At this time, the army came to the bank to pay the payment date the next day. Everyone checked and found that the time of the previous payment was the same and the location was correct. But the bank’s gold receiver had never seen the military’s gold giver. Ding Mao guessed that maybe The last one was not delivered to Jincheng Bank, but there was a certificate of deposit to prove that this could make everyone confused. Ding Mao determined that the army’s gold-giver saw a thief and not a real gold-receiver.

No one knows the death of Deputy Captain Zheng. Captain Fu thought he was suddenly transferred. He was sending his hand to Carpenter Huang’s coffin shop to pry open the newly sealed coffin. Unexpectedly, there was a stench in the coffin. He was a dead person. The rotten ones are not as good as adults, and it is impossible to confirm whether they are Carpenter Huang.

Ding Mao and Guo Deyou came to the bank’s director Lin’s house and wanted to inquire about the details of the day when the money was received. Unexpectedly, director Lin had a very poor life. Through observation, Guo Deyou felt that he was very strange, and he could clearly remember the specific time of all the details that day. Overemphasized the time, doubted him, and inquired about the buddies around and learned that a mysterious woman in cheongsam had been here.

In the evening, Gu Ying and Guo Deyou came to Huang Carpenter’s coffin shop. At this time, they sneaked into a sneaky person and asked about it. This person said they just wanted to take the opportunity to steal some funeral goods.

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