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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 17 Recap

Boss Lu helped Guo Deyou judge that the so-called seal should be the seal of the foreign sect. The jade pendant and the seal are both the relics of Xiao Lanlan’s father. Xiao Lanlan exchanged the jade pendant for the seal and learned that it was related to the displaced place. The displaced place was full of smokers, disabled people, People who are seriously ill and desperate, entering the homeless place is equivalent to stepping into the Hades Palace on one leg.

To put it bluntly, they are nothing more than hard-working masters. Guo Deyou accompanied Xiao Lanlan into the ghost market. He also wanted to figure out Gutenberg’s secrets. There are people wearing grimace masks everywhere, it is very horrible, and the two also wear masks to enter.

The drifting place is hidden in a stone cave. The inside of the cave is dark, and the light depends on torches. It seems that the daylight will never be seen.

At this time, Xiao Lanlan saw a masked man making a special kind of red stone, and wanted to take a look, but was blocked by the mask man. The mask man lamented that Xiao Lanlan was a rare water killer and the one who ordered all water. As a result, the waters are connected again to extinguish the fire of the gods. Xiao Lanlan offered money to find out the origin of the seal.

The mask man told Guo Deyou that the old river god Guo Chun, Ding Yiqiu, Hu Haijiang, and Secretary-General Xiao Yan of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce all cited the past. The initiators of entering Tianjin, under the guise of spreading civilization, Gutenberg cultivated agents in China to penetrate various industries.

Twenty years ago, the Mogu Dao virus was overwhelming, and the disease was uncontrollable. The Gutenberg Association was like a timely rain, bringing medicine and science and technology into China as a matter of course. Foreign medicine and medicine did control the spread of the virus, but No one realizes that Gutenberg’s ambition is to control the Chinese people’s livelihood through medical technology, just like the virus that makes the country sick. The greater the control, the more the country accumulates. The Gutenberg Association disappeared ten years ago. An organized preparation should be planning a larger layout. Three old men, one eating prison food, one feigning death to escape from the world, one ruining the temple to survive, and killing a diplomat in a daze.

All the methods of the book were used, so after the old river god had an accident, pigeons still flew over and refused to leave. Guo Deyou had previously turned over the letters from several of them in the wood shed of the Dragon King Temple. The three old men wanted to kill Gu Weiliang’s The reason is, on the one hand, to prevent Gutenberg’s conspiracy in Tianjin, on the other hand, to make up for the mistakes of the year.

Gu Weiliang is Fire Bull, one of the nine cattle. Xiao Lanlan guessed that the nine cattle case was planned by these three old men, but Guo Deyou This idea was overturned, because the three of them were originally Jiu Niu Su, and Jiu Niu continued after the Niu Su. It seems that these three old men were used by the real murderers and became part of the Jiu Niu. Guo Deyou guessed that the cold storage supervisor must be secretly doing business.

The next day, Ding Mao delivered the batch of goods that the cold storage supervisor had not had time to put into the warehouse to Guo Deyou’s residence. Guo Deyou opened it and saw that there was ordinary dry and fresh food on the first floor, but there was a dark warehouse under the dry and fresh box. After being pried open, there was a dense layer of red leeches raised by four tigers. It was very scary. Guo Deyou was bitten and had to go to the hospital for treatment. But this kind of special case is very rare. Ding Mao can only come to ask his cousin for red leeches. Hirudin saves Guo Deyou.

Guo Deyou, who was in a coma in the hospital, got better after being administered by a mysterious female nurse. Then he was disinfected and cleaned by his elder cousin. It seems that he will soon recover.

Before Gu Ying asked someone to inquire about Fu Gang’s information, she happened to meet a stable wife. After seeing Fu Gang, she told Guo Deyou that she was not the daughter of a diplomat.

Deputy Captain Zheng told the Governor that, after investigation, Lao Heshen, Xiao Yan, and Chief Hu were the real perpetrators of the spontaneous combustion case. This spontaneous combustion case was one of the nine bull cases, so it is guessed that these three are behind the nine bull cases. He wanted to get rid of the three of them for the governor, but he hadn’t thought about it but there was a cowboy. He listened to the words of the mysterious people, causing a catastrophe, and it was too late to regret.

This mysterious man told Deputy Captain Zheng that the three old men joined forces to destroy Mogu Dao. It took 20 years for Mogu Dao to rise again. Now it has fallen short again. The mysterious man wants three people to be buried with Mogu Dao, and Mogu Dao The lord Lian Huaqing was actually alive, so he offered Lian Huaqing’s belongings, and wanted Deputy Captain Zheng to find a replacement for the dead, and invite someone to eradicate the Mogu Dao’s remaining party. After all, the true face of this mysterious man was revealed. Open, she was actually Rong Aoshuang.

Therefore, Deputy Captain Zheng first installed an electrician into the prison, then controlled the people around Xiao Yan, and then found the magnesium powder from the explosion in the Dragon King Temple. In this way, the person who gave the news to Deputy Captain Zheng was behind the scenes of the Jiu Niu case. Black hand.

The governor felt that this operation by Deputy Captain Zheng made Ding Mao feel that he was his father and enemy, and was very angry, and sent someone to kill him secretly.

Gu Ying told Guo Deyou that her mother had a close relationship with Li Fengcheng, the Li Dashan who performed the ceremony. It is said that Li Dashan used to be a dude in Shanxi, but when his wife was separated, he changed. Congee and noodles were still defeated by an old monk who went to the mountains to clean up and learnt the craft of making drums. Later, when he went to Tianjin, he found that the people in Tianjin depended on the water for food and respected the river, so they decided to stay. He made the big and small drums on the pier.

Li Dashan’s apprentices are from all walks of life. Among them, Huang Carpenter is very hardworking and inherited his craftsmanship. It is said that he is now making coffins and medicinal incense wood. It has become a coffin of medicine incense, Guo Deyou feels that if he knows who made the aquatic product box transported by the cold storage supervisor, he can find the murderer of the Jiuniu case.

At this time, Zhang Shenpo suddenly mentioned that there is a desert island in Tianjin, shaped like a big cow’s hoof. He named it Niu’s hoof. When foreigners came to see the island, they thought it was dirty, so they changed the name and covered it. In this school, Guo Deyou analyzed that there should be three cows to die.

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