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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 29 Recap

Li Zhe believes that Xu Yiren should not allow Yu Qing to join the company. She has always been so tolerant of concessions that will keep being bullied. Xu Yiren said that he was afraid of quarreling with others when he encountered problems, but now it is different. No matter what others do, they will not hurt him. Li Zhe sighed with emotion, knowing that this is how he always struggles with himself, which makes people around him uncomfortable. It was the first time for Xu Yiren to see Li Zhe talking like this, and he knew that the other party knew he had unusual feelings.

Li Zhe suggested that he could forgive him, as long as Xu Yiren could leave him and be with him. Xu Yiren said that even if he was not with Fang Zhiyou, he would not be with Li Zhe, because he was the closest person to him except for Xia Di and Fang Zhiyou. Whenever Xu Yiren encounters difficulties. She would think of that little brother back then. Li Zhe regrets that he did not recognize her earlier. Xu Yiren thinks that even if Li Zhe recognizes herself first, it will end like this, because knowing that it is her destiny.

He Yuwen mentioned that Xu Yiren and Li Zhe were still in contact, and wanted to provoke Fang Zhiyou’s relationship with Xu Yiren. Fang Zhiyou asked why he told the truth at that point, thinking she had another purpose. He Yuwen thinks that she is not wrong, but just tells the truth. Fang Zhiyou was very dissatisfied with Qing’s work. Xu Yiren offered to do it by himself, and took the opportunity to make an appointment with Fang Zhiyou, saying that Li Zhe was willing to talk with him about the college. Fang Zhiyou has lost trust in Xu Yiren, and doesn’t want to hear her explain, let her leave first.

Her mother forced Xia Di to reconcile with Gu Bo. She saw that she had Xia Di in Gu Bo’s heart. She would regard her as the most important person and persuade Xia Di to stop being horny and to have a good talk with him. Li Zhe told Fang Zhi that he was willing to cooperate with the college project, but asked Xu Yiren to be expelled. Fang Zhiye told Li Zhe to stay away from Xu Yiren. He knew that Li Zhe didn’t want to cooperate at all, but wanted to vent his anger for Xu Yiren.

Li Zhe knows that he likes Xu Yiren. If he knows that he wants to continue to be awkward, it is best to let go as soon as possible. Fang Zhiyou praised Yi Ren as the only woman he fell in love with, and insisted on not giving up on her. Suddenly, Li Zhe was attacked on the road, and he knew that he rushed out to stand in front of Li Zhe. The two fought side by side, knowing that they were seriously injured in the fight. Li Zhe was very worried and kept calling his name. Fortunately, I knew that you had already called the police ahead of time, and the gangster fled in a hurry after seeing the police coming.

Fang Zhiye was pushed into the operating room. Both father and Xu Yi came to see him, but they could only wait anxiously. Fortunately, his head is not in serious trouble, but his right hand is fractured and he needs to be raised for some time. Shatty decided to have a good talk with Gu Bo, and when she learned that Gu Bo was in the hospital, she thought he had an accident above. Shatty hurried to the hospital and found that Gu Bo was safe and sound. Gu Bo said that he was only born a few years late, and he knew how to give her happiness even at a young age. After hearing this, Shatty hugged Gu Bo excitedly.

Fang’s father blamed himself very much, thinking it was his lie that hurt his son. Xu Yiren said that he was doing this for good friends. Li Zhe once gave him company and warmth, and the other party knew that it was of extraordinary significance. Fang’s father said that he was busy at work when he was a child, and he did not expect to ignore his growth. Xu Yiren believed that Fang’s father could make up for it, because he knew that the only thing he cared about was to apologize to Li Zhe’s family.

At night, Father Fang looked at the photos of that year, and thought that he and Fang Zhi hadn’t even had a photo with him in these years, so he secretly made up his mind. Xu Yiren stayed with Fang Zhiyou’s bed until he woke up. Fang’s father walked into the room, and Li Zhe immediately left with excuses. Fang’s father stopped him and said that he wanted to chat with him.

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