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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 28 Recap

At the party, Gu Bo prepared a big surprise for Charlotte. Shatty opened a big gift box. She thought it was Gu Bo hiding in it. She didn’t expect her mother to suddenly appear in front of her. Mom said that the real surprise was yet to come. At this time, Gu Bo slowly walked out from the other side wearing the clothes of a rabbit doll. He took Shatty’s hand and knelt on one knee to propose to Shatty. Shatty felt a little unexpected, thinking that Gu Bo was joking. Gu Bo said that he was serious. He thought the two of them were very in love and were very happy when they were together, but Shatty said that he did not want to marry him yet.

Mother helped Gu Bo speak. She thought it was not easy to meet such a good man, and agreed with Shatty to marry him. She also revealed that Gu Bo used her internship salary to buy all the books that Shatty could not sell, and that Fangyuan had shares in Gu Bo. Shatty always thought that Gu Bo was just an intern, but he did not expect his family conditions to be so good. Mother asked Shatty to ask Xu Yiren, but Xu Yiren remained silent. Seeing that her best friend was also deceiving herself, the whole world knew about Gu Bo’s family background. Only she was kept in the dark. She was disappointed and left the party.

Seeing this, He Yuwen took the opportunity to reveal that Xu Yiren had found out that Fang’s father was pretending to be ill, and she was hiding it with him. Xu Yiren wanted to explain, but she didn’t know where to start, so she could only say three words sorry. Knowing that you want to leave, Xu Yiren hugs him from behind, but knowing that you are ignoring her to stay.

Fang Zhiyou broke into his father’s office, asked him why he was lying to himself, and also dragged Xu Yiren into the water. Fang’s father admitted that he had always been a liar who did nothing to achieve his goals, and knew that he had decided to sever relationship with him. After he left, Fang’s father suddenly fainted to the ground.

Xu Yiren was sad alone, and she lost the trust of her friends and lover at the same time. At this time, Shiyu asked him for help, and Xu Yiren rushed to the hospital. The doctor said that his blood pressure rises only when he is emotionally agitated, which is not a major problem, otherwise it will be more difficult to treat with Alzheimer’s disease. Xu Yiren said that he knew that Fang’s father was pretending to be sick, and the doctor was shocked because Fang’s father was diagnosed personally.

He did not tell his assistant because of the protection of the patient’s privacy. Fang Shiyu admitted that the medicine was changed by herself. He had always thought it was sleeping pills. She thought it was bad to take sleeping pills all the time, so she quietly changed it to vitamins.

Fang’s father admitted to Xu Yiren that he deliberately asked her to tell Fang Zhiyou about her condition. If she apologized, it would affect the credibility of the entire firm. Fang’s father could not bear to see Fang Zhiyou embarrassed him and Li Zhe. Only then did he admit that he was pretending to be sick. Gu Bo begged downstairs for Xia Di, Xia Di decided to break up with Gu Bo and keep him out. No matter how Gu Bo explained, Xia Di insisted on not changing her mind.

He Yuwen wants to fire Xu Yiren. Xu Yiren thinks that she takes her work seriously. He Yuwen has no reason to fire herself. Even if she wants to leave, she has to tell her personally. He Yuwen thinks that she can’t be the assistant that Fang knows now, let Yu Qing take her place, and Xu Yiren will take over Yu Qing’s job. Fang knew that he heard the news, and did not say anything, that he wanted to send Shiyu home. Shiyu accused him of not treating Xu Yiren in this way, saying that he would rather walk back than take his car.

Xu Yiren apologized to Shady. Shatty learned that Xu Yiren had a conflict with Fang Zhi and told her that she planned to go to the hotel to retreat for two months and let Xu Yiren live in her own home.

Yu Qing sprayed pirated perfume in the office, causing her colleagues to laugh. Yu Qing saw Xu Yiren mingling with colleagues and deliberately asked her to order a special set meal. Xu Yiren accidentally spilled it while taking the meal. When he was in a mess, Li Zhe stood in front of him, saying that the matter should be solved by himself, and Xu Yiren would follow him first.

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