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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 27 Recap

The sales of Xia Di’s new book are not good. Gu Bo prepared her favorite cake for her, trying to make Xia Di happy. Shatty was still depressed, saying that she was in a bad mood, and she might find Gu Bo to vent at that time, and she would be the one crying. Gu Bo and Xia Di bet that if her books are sold out, she will marry herself. Shatty thought he was joking, and that his book could not be sold out. If it could be sold out, he could even marry Gu Bo. Gu Bo immediately agreed.

Xu Yiren visited Fang’s father with the soup made by himself. Fang knew that Xu Yiren’s trip had other purposes. Xu Yiren said Fang Zhiyou was still waiting for his reply. Fang’s father asked Xu Yiren for his opinion. Xu Yiren thought that if he didn’t really want to apologize to Uncle Li, then he should not pretend to be himself, otherwise Fang Zhiyou would be even more disappointed. Fang’s father said that he might disappoint Xu Yiren again, and Xu Yiren no longer forced him. When it was time for Fang’s father to take the medicine, Xu Yiren secretly hid a tablet in his hand while taking medicine for him.

He Yuwen learned that Fengde Real Estate was bidding for a cultural tourism project and wanted to recommend herself on behalf of Fangyuan. Mr. Wei heard some rumors about Fang Zhiyou and had some opinions on him, but with He Yuwen’s insistence, he promised to think about it.

Li Zhe found that his father was holding a small white boat in his hand, with sorry written on it. He remembered that when he was a child, he and Fang Zhiyou fold this paper boat together and crumple the paper boat into a ball. He Yuwen discovered that Xu Yiren had stole the medicine from Fang’s father. Xu Yiren told her about her inner doubts and asked her how to deal with this matter. He Yuwen suggested that she ask her friends to test what kind of medicine this is.

To discover the truth of the facts. Xu Yiren agreed after thinking for a while. Xu Yiren introduced Fengde Real Estate’s project to Fang Zhiyou, who knew that he wanted to do a good job in the follow-up project of Moon Bay. Xu Yiren believes that Liu Tianyang can be in charge of Moon Bay. If he wins this project, it will be of great help to the company’s brand promotion. I hope he can consider it carefully. After testing, Xu Yiren learned that Uncle Fang’s medicine was just ordinary vitamins, and she confronted Fang’s father.

Uncle Fang admitted that he had lied to Xu Yiren. All he did was to get his son back home. Even if Fang Zhi might be disappointed, he was willing to gamble once. Xu Yiren believes that this is a lie to threaten him to know, if he knows the truth, he will suffer more serious harm. Fang’s father said that if the lie has not been exposed, it is not a lie. It is precisely because of this lie that Fang knows that he is already willing to go home, even if he quarrels with himself. Xu Yiren felt very embarrassed, she didn’t know how to face everything in front of her.

Fang Zhi has promised to wait until the affair between her father and Li Zhe is over, he will marry Xu Yiren and give her a complete family. Xu Yiren thought everything was too sudden, and she knew that she couldn’t help calling herself. If Xu Yiren didn’t refuse, she would take it as her consent. Charlotte’s books were sold out within a few days, and she was going to have a big party to invite friends to celebrate.

Fang Zhi drew a design plan five years ago. He always wanted to build a college, but he didn’t find the right opportunity. Now that Fengde Real Estate’s project is in front of his eyes, he hesitates, because this is the dream of him and Li Zhe in the past, and now he does not know how to realize it. Fang Zhiyou and Li Zhe told about this. He wanted to cooperate with Li Zhe to fulfill their childhood dreams, but Li Zhe believed that the two had nothing to talk about except hatred, and asked him not to disturb his father. .

With the help of Mr. He, Fangyuan Company successfully participated in the bidding, and Liangshan also participated in the bidding together, knowing that he had a plan for himself. After the negotiation, it was known that he was about to attend the celebration party of Shatty, and Mr. He offered to go together. At the party, Gu Bo prepared a big surprise for Charlotte.

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