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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 9 Recap

Yue Xingbang and Zheli returned to the palace after eliminating the chahar rebels. The emperor immediately awarded the two people a reward, named Zheli as the general of Fuyuan, and also added three ranks to Yue Xingbang. Zheli saw that his sister Shu Fei did not leave the palace to greet him. She was very surprised. Shu Fei cried and complained to him that there was a strong enemy in the palace. The orphan Zhao was not dead, and now she has been in the palace. Zheli knew about the Zhao family’s extermination case, and he comforted his sister not to act rashly. Back then, the Zhao family’s extermination case was very important, and the emperor should not let the emperor know that secret. He would surely get rid of the Zhao family’s orphan as soon as possible.

Yue Conglin went to find Zhao Yuxing personally. Today is his birthday. He wanted to invite Zhao Yuxing to lunch together. Although Zhao Yuxing didn’t prepare anything, Yue Conglin deeply confessed that she was the most beautiful gift God brought him.

Zhao Yuxing went to send lunch to the empress dowager. The empress dowager was always sleepy recently. Zhao Yuxing gently woke her up. The queen mother felt that she was in poor health, and she might not have much time in the future. In the evening, Yue Zonglin quietly walked around Zhao Yuxing’s residence. He deliberately used the cuckoo’s cry to hint to Zhao Yuxing that Zhao Yuxing went out to meet, and suddenly saw the meteor! This is the first time Zhao Yuxing has seen a meteor since she was a child, and when she was excited, she took the initiative to kiss Yue Zonglin.

The two said goodbye, and Yue Zonglin suddenly saw someone on the eaves. Fortunately, Yue Zonglin helped Zhao Yuxing stop an arrow. He was fighting with the gangster and wanted to take the gangster to justice, but the gangster jumped the wall and threw an arrow directly at Li Caihuang. Li Caihuang was injured. The emperor knew that Long Yan was furious. He immediately blamed Yue Conglin for lax guarding. In the future, more guards will be sent to guard Li Caihuang’s safety.

Yue Conglin’s back was injured. Yan Huanyue rushed to visit him, and also made a lot of preparations outside Yue Conglin’s door. Zhao Yuxing did not expect that the flattering expression and words were just heard by Zhao Yuxing, and Zhao Yuxing was joking. She was sentimental, and indeed the two of them entered Yue Conglin’s residence together, and Yue Conglin quickly issued an order to dismiss Yan Huanyue.

Within a few days, the father-in-law of Ningshou Palace came to report that the Queen Mother had passed away, and the whole country was full of mourning. The emperor was worried that someone would stir up trouble at this time, so he immediately called Yue Xingbang and Zheli and wanted to get their money back. Bingquan, Zheli was ambitious, and found a reason to stop him. Zheli’s heart of Sima Yi is well known to everyone. In order not to anger Zheli, the emperor did not take back his military power for the time being.

Emperor Yongzheng summoned Yue Zonglin privately, hoping that he would pay close attention to Zheli and immediately report to him if there was any movement, and some time ago, the assassin in Li Caihuang’s Palace might have something to do with Zheli. The assassin Yue Conglin saw that night was the same as the murderer who murdered Wuya last time, regardless of his skill or appearance.

The concubine of the harem discussed preparing sacrifices for the queen dowager. Li Caihuang wanted to express his feelings for the queen dowager, so he asked Grandpa Lin what the queen dowager likes on weekdays. Grandpa Lin deliberately said that the queen dowager likes vermilion and everything she uses on weekdays There are Suzaku on it. Zhao Yuxing was very strange to see Father Lin’s sneaky appearance, but Li Caihuang listened to Father Lin’s words and prepared to make a pair of embroidered shoes.

After the queen mother died, the emperor had a daytime nightmare, dreaming of a real dragon being killed every night. In order to make a pair of shoes, Li Caihuang wanted to make the shoes as early as possible.

Yue Conglin came to say goodbye to Zhao Yuxing, saying that he might not have time to meet each other recently. Zhao Yuxing believed it to be true. Unexpectedly, the next day he saw Yan Huanyue and Yue Conglin talking together, and Yan Huanyue made a sachet to give away. To Yue Conglin, Yue Conglin didn’t accept it, Yan Huanyue knelt down and pleaded, and Zhao Yu’s star spirit didn’t hit him when he saw Yue Conglin received Yan Huanyue’s sachet.

She ran to the imperial dining room, chopped and slashed a lot of pork, deliberately made a large plate of braised pork ribs in front of Yue Zonglin and gave it to “Xiao Er”. Yue Zonglin saw Zhao Yuxing made a sign. Outside the door, it says “No one with the surname Yue and dogs can enter”, which is really confusing.

The emperor went to have dinner with Concubine Shu, and Concubine Shu deliberately said that the concubines in the harem had done a lot of sacrifices, and invited the emperor to appreciate it with her. On that day, the concubines of the palaces all showed their efforts to the emperor. Concubine Shu made a string of Buddhist beads out of gold for the Queen Mother, and Concubine Tong Shu carved a birthday gift.

Finally, when the Mei concubine Li Caihuang came, Li Caihuang, who was not aware of it, presented the embroidered shoes with vermillion bird embroidered by his own hands to the emperor. The emperor Longyan was furious, so he threw off the shoes and roared who instructed him. She did it! Li Caihuang knelt on the ground in a panic.

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