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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 16 Recap

Hearing the emperor’s award, Li Caihuang was also very happy. In the palace, Thomas and Yue Zonglin were having a drink together. Seeing Yue Zonglin’s expression in a trance, Thomas couldn’t help laughing at whether he had a sweetheart. Yue Zonglin was noncommittal and told him that he really fell in love with a girl. Now working in Taiyuan Hospital. Thomas was curious about what kind of girl Yue Zonglin liked, so he asked him to invite the beautiful woman to see him when he was free.

The emperor was preparing to build the Yuhe Garden. He came to Thomas’s residence and saw that Thomas’s room was filled with pottery. When it comes to ceramics, Thomas also had a deep interest in the art of Chinese pottery. Emperor Xuan Wang Yiwei palace, he called the Tom Mudd work workshop, Wang Yiwei Li Cai Huang could not help but see a little nervous, but fortunately Wang Yiwei looked very calm in front of the emperor, the emperor did not know what they do.

Li Caihuang suggested that Wang Yiwei and Thomas Deer should have a try to see who had the better skill. The emperor ordered Wang Yiwei to improvise the portrait of Li Caihuang and Thomas Deer would carve an eagle. After a while, the works of the two of them were in front of them, and the emperor was full of praise for their works. Wang Yiwei sculpted two works. One Li Caihuang was smiling and the other was sad and sad. Each was vivid.

The emperor asked Li Caihuang whose work was better, and Li Caihuang, to avoid suspicion, said that Thomas’s work was better. In the evening, Zhao Yuxing saw Wang Yiwei and asked him if he still hadn’t forgotten Li Caihuang. Wang Yiwei revealed that now that Li Caihuang became the emperor’s concubine, he worried that Wang Yiwei would not have happiness, and even more could not let go of Li Caihuang.

Li Caihuang reminded him that since the boat is done, the past has passed, and the two of them are no longer possible. Wang Yiwei wanted to see Li Caihuang again, but Yan Huanyue inadvertently spied Wang Yiwei’s entry into Li Caihuang’s bedroom. It was a big sin for a man to enter the palace of Concubine Mei at night. Yan Huanyue knew that the matter was serious, so she hurried to report to the emperor.

Fortunately, Zhao Yuxing caught a glimpse of Yan Huanyue’s whereabouts sneakily, worried that she would be out of trouble, and immediately ordered someone to ask Yue Conglin to come and assist. When the emperor heard Concubine Shu ’s informant, he immediately rushed into Li Caihuang’s bedroom with his momentum. Zhao Yuxing knelt in front of the emperor and said that he could not enter. Yan Huanyue was even more proud, making sure that he saw no doubt. The emperor opened the inner door and found that Concubine Mei was bathing, and there was no one in the room except her. Zhao Yuxing immediately explained that Li Caihuang was a little bit cold, and he gave her a prescription for medicated bath. Emperor Longyan was furious and immediately decided to deal with Yan Huanyue’s palace rules. Concubine Shu secretly helped Yan Huanyue intercede and let her The emperor went to search Wang Yiwei’s room.

The guards went to Wang Yiwei’s residence and found that there was no one. They were about to go back to report to the emperor, but they saw Wang Yiwei and Li Caihuang staggering back together, smelling of alcohol all over. Yan Huanyue was confirmed to have lied, she was slapped severely by Hong’er, and she ran to the old uncle to complain. The hospital judged that since Yan Huanyue was not as alert as Zhao Yuxing, now they are all officials and equal in status. The only way is to surpass Zhao Yuxing in status. It just happened that they had an exam recently, and those with excellent grades could be promoted to superintendent.

Soon the day of the exam came, Yan Huanyue was able to lead the first exam very smoothly because of the secret assistance of her old uncle. In the second exam, every official must actively find medicinal materials at the market and have a budget. For his money, he used medicinal materials well. This exam was harsh and tricky, because it was an on-site free clinic, which required profound medical skills.

When Zhao Yuxing came to the downtown area, he happened to meet Yue Zonglin and Thomas De, who seemed to be familiar with each other, but Thomas was misbehaving. He touched Yue Zonglin’s chest for a while, and then patted his ass again. Zhao Yuxing quit, feeling that foreigners have given up too much in their country, and she hasn’t taken pictures of her own man’s ass yet.

Yue Zonglin asked Thomas to wait for him to buy wine first. Zhao Yuxing walked up to ask Thomas why he was frivolous while Yue Zonglin was not there. The two almost fought, thanks to Yue Zonglin’s timely return, there was no trouble.

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