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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 15 Recap

In the dead of night, Zhao Yuxing sat by the lake and couldn’t help but want to return to the palace. His revenge had not been reported, and he should really calm down and find out the truth about the murder of the door.

On the second day, Zhao Yuxing sneaked to the vicinity of the Taiyuan Hospital. She bribed a young medical officer just to see Liuyuan judge. The young medical officer was very embarrassed. Liuyuan sentenced the concubines in the palace and was busy treating her every day. To see a doctor, I kindly reminded Zhao Yuxing that if he really admires Liu Yuan’s sentence, he should learn medical skills. Maybe he will be a colleague in ten years. Zhao Yuxing was shocked when he heard it. .

Zhao Yuxing returned to the imperial dining room. Many of her familiar friends enthusiastically gathered around her, vying to let her talk about the trivial things outside the palace. Zhao Yuxing was having fun with everyone, and Yan Huanyue mocked her coldly and cursed her for her lack of education. , I really don’t know how her parents taught her, it’s like a weed that nobody cares about. Zhao Yuxing could not tolerate Yan Huanyue cursing her parents, she stood up and beat Yan Huanyue severely.

Wen Bochang heard the sound, and Yan Huanyue wicked first complained that Zhao Yuxing had been cruel to his compatriots. Although Yan Huanyue cursed other parents as wrong, Zhao Yuxing shouldn’t beat others. Wen Bochang had a stick on Zhao Yuxing. punishment. Zhao Yuxing was beaten with a straight grin, and she tried to endure it without saying a word.

When Yue Conglin saw that the hospital was recruiting staff, he hurriedly brought the news to Zhao Yuxing. Poor Zhao Yuxing had just been punished and had to lie on the bed to endure the pain. She immediately became very surprised when she heard the news from Yue Zonglin. Happy.

Yan Huanyue learned that Zhao Yuxing was going to take an exam. She went to the hospital to judge her uncle. She had to open the back door for her and let her enter the hospital too. The sentence of the hospital was very embarrassing. Although they are relatives, Yan Huanyue The old uncle did not have the ability to pass the sky, and could not hold back Yan Huanyue’s bitter pleading, the hospital sentenced to help her make up for her medical knowledge in the past few days.

Yue Conglin personally sent Zhao Yuxing into the Taiyuan Hospital to take the exam, watching her limping in, and secretly wishing Zhao Yuxing will go well. The exam at Tai Hospital is open. The first one is to smell the smell to determine what kind of herbal medicine. Zhao Yuxing carefully smells each kind of herbal medicine. In a blink of an eye, Yan Huanyue seems to make judgments effortlessly, and can’t help but think it’s amazing. Now, I haven’t seen Yan Huanyue have studied medical skills.

In the second part of the competition, there was a test of prescribing the right medicine. Whoever can catch the right medicine in a stick of incense will win. Yan Huanyue quickly got the medicine package because of the old uncle cheating secretly in the middle. Zhao Yuxing was not to be outdone. She relied on her daily accumulation to quickly find the corresponding medicinal materials. She was about to rush to the examination room. On the way, she met a servant who was doing chores. His stomach was rolling all over, and the past candidates did not move at all. Zhao Yuxing stopped, using the acupuncture and moxibustion he brought with him to cure the rough job.

The emperor heard that the Taiyuan Hospital was recruiting staff, so he went to watch with Yue Conglin. Zhao Yuxing was applying acupuncture to the yamen. The exquisite technique was amazing, and soon the patient no longer suffered. Zhao Yuxing delayed the exam time due to treatment and rescue on the way, and almost missed the chance of the official’s goal. Fortunately, the emperor saw her in the exam process, so she appointed her as the official leader of the exam.

Li Caihuang sweated for Zhao Yuxing in the harem. I heard that the emperor appointed her as the champion. Although he was happy for Zhao Yuxing, she was also jealous. Zhao Yuxing’s liveliness and wit was Li Caihuang knows her well, and she was worried that the emperor had One day will pamper Zhao Yuxing.

Li Caihuang specially congratulated Zhao Yuxing. Seeing that “Little Er” was taken care of next to Zhao Yuxing, she was completely white and like a fluffy ball. She liked it very much, so she brought her to play and relieve her boredom. Liu was ordered to go to the hospital sentenced Shufei treatment, Shufei take this opportunity to tell him, Zhao Yu-xing is the daughter of Zhao Mingkai. Liu Yuan was shocked, and Shu Fei reminded him that he should know what to say and what not to say in the future. The things five years ago have passed, and there will be no good end if they are investigated.

Zhao Yuxing took Zhao Mingkai’s handwritten notes to Liu Yuanzheng and found that Liu Yuanzheng was very excited when he saw her father’s name, and guessed that Liu Yuanzheng must know her father. Liu Yuan’s judge touched the hands and reminded her that no one was allowed to talk about this matter.

The emperor inadvertently saw Li Caihuang teasing a small dog and making a silver bell-like laugh. He couldn’t help but sigh. Although Concubine Mei has experienced a lot, she is still able to maintain her glamorous temperament. This is precious and addictive. Because of Li Caihuang’s beauty, the emperor summoned Thomas and asked him to paint Li Caihuang.

Li Caihuang was very excited when he was painted on rice paper for the first time. Thomas made the painting carefully to make the figures vivid and vivid on the paper. At night, the emperor came to Li Caihuang’s bedroom and saw the paintings made during the day. Also full of praise for Thomas’ skills.

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