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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 14 Recap

When Zhao Yuxing and Li Caihuang heard that Mu Yuan and Master Yang were about to burn the village, they rushed to the entrance of the village. Master Yang had no guilt and immediately ordered the people to set the fire. Fortunately, Yue Zonglin arrived in time, and the lit torch was quickly extinguished. Yue Conglin brought the black magic grass he had just come to the villagers. With this herbal medicine, the lives of all the villagers were guaranteed. Master Yang had to cancel the order to set the fire, and the people of the village cheered.

Li Caihuang saw that Wang Yiwei had not come back with Yue Conglin, and was very worried. Yue Conglin said that Lord Wang was injured and could not come back temporarily. Li Caihuang immediately went to Wang Yiwei with Yue Conglin. Wang Yiwei lay on the bed and told her that, fortunately, Yue Conglin threw his rope to him in time and only took his life. Seeing that Yue Conglin was safe and sound, Zhao Yuxing hugged him excitedly. The surviving Wang Yiwei felt ashamed to see Li Caihuang. Yue Conglin walked out of the yard with Zhao Yuxing. Li Caihuang and Wang Yiwei sat in the room and looked at each other speechlessly.

Aunt Hong boiled all the black magic grass decoction and distributed it to the villagers suffering from the disease. The epidemic gradually eased. Yue Conglin reported what had happened in Fuling to the emperor. Yongzheng soon learned that it was Zhao Yuxing, Li Caihuang and Wang Yiwei. Having made great contributions, he excitedly told the queen about the incident. He had never thought that the thin Li Caihuang and Zhao Yuxing would have saved the epidemic.

In the middle of the night, people thought, Li Caihuang came quietly outside Wang Yiwei’s room. Wang Yiwei did not open the door. Li Caihuang discussed with him through the door. When the epidemic is over, they will run away together, and escape to a place where there are no people. Never go to the palace again. Wang Yiwei knew that he was already a remnant and had no hope of having children in the future. In order not to hurt Li Caihuang, he rejected the idea of ​​taking Li Caihuang away.

Zhao Yuxing saw Li Caihuang cry and his eyes were red and swollen, and asked him why he didn’t say why. Zhao Yuxing ran directly to Wang Yiwei’s room to ask him what was going on. Wang Yiwei sat on the stool in despair and saw Wang Yiwei’s sadness. Zhao Yuxing’s expression suddenly understood. It turned out that Wang Yiwei still loved Li Caihuang deeply, and in order to give her happiness, he took everything alone.

Li Caihuang was worried that Zhao Yuxing scolded Wang Yiwei, and soon followed. Wang Yiwei knew that Li Caihuang was here, and deliberately threw away Li Caihuang’s wooden sculptures, and said harsh words, suggesting that Zhao Yuxing cooperated with him and said that he was worried about the emperor. Responsibility, taking risks for the sake of life. Li Caihuang left sadly when he heard that he thought he had misread Wang Yiwei.

At night, Li Caihuang did not find Aunt Hong everywhere, but finally saw her in the small forest. Aunt Hong excitedly showed her the tree frog she had caught. The two of them were happy, and suddenly an assassin took a sword and stabbed Li Cai directly. Huang, Aunt Hong pushed Li Caihuang away with all her strength, but she was seriously injured and died. Seeing that the assassin was about to succeed, Yue Conglin passed by and heard someone calling for help, and immediately drew his sword to save Li Caihuang.

The weather is getting colder and the snowflakes are falling. Yongzheng misses Concubine Mei more and more. After passing through the palace of Concubine Mei, he can’t help but miss the concubine. Just two months later, he immediately picked up the concubine, for fear of blocking it. After living a long time, Yong Zheng decided to pick up Li Caihuang in half a year.

Zhao Yuxing and Li Caihuang are still doing hard labor at the construction site, and their lives are finally better because of Yue Conglin’s help. Finally half a year later, the emperor came down to the edict and declared Zhao Yuxing and Li Caihuang back to the palace. Li Caihuang changed into his concubine’s clothes and boarded the sedan chair. Wang Yiwei watched from a distance as his beloved was about to return to the palace. Heart twisted like a knife, he followed closely behind. Li Caihuang never believed that Yue Conglin’s refusal to take her away was worried about the danger. Zhao Yuxing comforted her not to think too much about it. The past is over. Li Caihuang threw the things Wang Yiwei gave her out of the sedan chair.

Yue Conglin knew that Zhao Yuxing was going back to the palace. He rode a white horse and waited outside the palace. Zhao Yuxing was very happy when he saw Yue Zonglin. He immediately got off the sedan chair and got on his horse. “Two” was also brought, seeing that his cute pet was still alive, Zhao Yuxing hugged Yue Conglin and kissed happily.

Li Caihuang sat anxiously in the former dormitory, worried that the emperor would not be able to spoil her as before. Soon after the emperor came, he brought clothes specially made for Concubine Mei and arranged a dust-washing feast for her. With the support of the emperor, many concubines came to congratulate Li Caihuang. Li Caihuang was very moved by the emperor’s kind invitation to her and took the initiative to drink with the emperor. The long night was long, but Wang Yiwei was drinking and sorrowing against Haoyue in Fuling. It was obvious that he loved Li Caihuang, but he reluctantly gave up his love. Now that Li Caihuang is back in the palace, I am afraid he will have no chance in the future.

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