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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 13 Recap

In Xishan Village, the village chief heard that the medical officer was going to seal the village, he knelt down anxiously, begging the adults not to kill them all. When Li Caihuang was washing clothes, she found an unfamiliar piece of clothing. She didn’t care, so she washed it in her basin. This piece of clothing was deliberately stuffed by Master Yang. Soon after washing the clothes, Li Caihuang fainted from exhaustion. The court servants soon came to Li Caihuang’s house and took care of Li Caihuang’s Aunt Hong directly. Take it away together.

After Li Caihuang woke up, she found her and Aunt Hong lying in the wilderness. Aunt Hong was also very panicked. They had never been to this place. After a while, the two government officials saw that they had symptoms of the plague and took them directly back to Xishan Village. There Li Caihuang met Yue Conglin, and Yue Conglin learned through Li Caihuang that Zhao Yuxing was still waiting in Fuling. The medical officer was worried that the plague had reached Fuling, so he sent Yue Zonglin to Fuling to find out.

Zhao Yuxing searched the construction site but did not find Li Caihuang and Aunt Hong. Master Yang said that they had been sent to the mountain to collect medicine. Zhao Yuxing was dubious about what he said. Yue Zonglin rushed over on horseback and brought news about Li Caihuang and Aunt Hong to Li Caihuang and Master Yang. When Zhao Yuxing heard that the anger was not coming, Master Yang clearly said that they had gone up the mountain to collect medicine, but he did not expect that he designed the two to catch the plague.

Zhao Yuxing took the initiative to ask Ying to go to Xishan Village for medical treatment and save others. Mr. Yang disagreed and pointed her not to push her nose on her face. Now she is still a criminal, and she is not allowed to leave the construction site without his permission. Yue Zonglin supported her by the side, and Master Yang quickly gave him face and let Zhao Yuxing go to Xishan Village.

Wang Yiwei was very worried when he heard that Li Caihuang had the plague. Zhao Yuxing told him to take good care of herself when she was leaving. She was going to Xishan to treat Li Caihuang and would definitely hand Li Caihuang to Wang Yiwei intact.

After careful consideration, the medical officer sent by the court decided to fire the mountain and burn the entire Xishan Village. Yue Conglin was very angry when he heard his order to set the fire, and accused the hospital of condemning Caosuan. The Muyuan judge stated that there is a shortage of medicinal materials, and only Tucun can stop the spread of the epidemic. After all, Yue Conglin’s official position was greater than that of Muyuan, and he ordered Zhao Yuxing and some people to go up the mountain to find herbs. Zhao Yuxing was very worried about Li Caihuang’s safety and she begged Yue Conglin to let her in to visit Li Caihuang. Yue Conglin was worried that Zhao Yuxing would be infected, and she firmly disagreed.

The judge brought Zheli’s order to Master Yang. He was very curious about what task Zheli gave to Master Yang. Master Yang admitted that Zhao Yuxing and Li Caihuang must be removed here, and the cooperation of the judge was needed.

Zhao Yuxing lay on the table pretending to be exhausted, Yue Conglin wanted to go out and find something to eat for her, Zhao Yuxing took the opportunity to slip out of the yard. In the evening, Mu Yuan ordered Yue Conglin to send Mr. Yang back to the Fuling construction site. Mu Yuan judged Mr. Yang and Mr. Yang to join in and out, and detained Zhao Yuxing in Xishan Village.

Zhao Yuxing pretended to be a patient infected with the plague and wanted to enter the epidemic area. The hospital judge quickly found out. On the surface, he was worried that Zhao Yuxing would be infected, but in fact he deliberately left her a chance to take advantage of it. Zhao Yuxing rushed into the epidemic area to find Li Caihuang. She found that both Aunt Hong and Li Caihuang had contracted the plague. This disease needed to be treated as soon as possible. Li Caihuang’s face was pale. She said that the village had not enough herbs. Zhao Yuxing tried his best to think about countermeasures. The only way today is to control the acupoints with acupuncture and moxibustion to slow down the spread of the epidemic. When the villagers saw Zhao Yuxing’s familiar acupuncture technique, they secretly praised her living Bodhisattva.

The villagers lined up to wait for Zhao Yuxing’s acupuncture. The time was from noon to night. Because there were too many people, Zhao Yuxing also began to have a fever and had symptoms of plague. Li Caihuang persuaded many villagers to wait a moment to give Zhao Yuxing a chance to breathe. Yue Conglin accidentally learned that Zhao Yuxing was trapped in Xishan Village. He sought out Wang Yiwei, and the two were about to sneak into the village to find Zhao Yuxing and Li Caihuang.

Li Caihuang rummaged through the medical books and finally found another herb that could replace the original herb. The black magic grass grows in an extremely harsh environment and needs to climb cliffs. Yue Conglin and Wang Yiwei came over and knew that the black magic grass was effective. Ride a horse to pick it overnight.

Li Caihuang took care of Zhao Yuxing who was lying on the sick bed. Aunt Hong found out that Yue Conglin and Wang Yiwei were the real sons of the two of them, and she also joked that they would host their wedding after the epidemic ended.

Facing the cliffs, in order to save the villagers from the epidemic, Yue Conglin and Wang Yiwei groped to the bottom of the cliff with their bare hands to find the black magic grass. The rope that Wang Yiwei climbed was cut by the tough stone, and the whole person fell. Master Yang saw that Yue Conglin and Wang Yiwei were not there, and immediately sent people to set a lot of firewood at the entrance of the village, preparing to set the village on fire.

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