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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 12 Recap

The old man admired Zhao Yuxing ’s cooking skills very much , and immediately introduced himself to Zhao Yuxing that his surname is Zhang, and his home is also living near Fuling. In the future, if you need him, just come to him. Seeing the old man’s greedy eating, Zhao Yuxing couldn’t help but feel in his heart. Muttering: Who needs the help of an old man? Maybe I will leave it alone in the future.

Master Yang had promised Concubine Shu to eradicate Li Caihuang, and once saw her talking to Wang Yiwei, he quietly motioned to the Ya Yai to smash the scattered rocks on top of Li Caihuang’s head. In order to protect Li Caihuang, Wang Yiwei immediately used all his strength to push her away. As a result, his waist was seriously injured. After the diagnosis, the doctor regretted to tell Li Caihuang that Wang Yiwei might not be able to give birth again in the future. Li Caihuang listened Later, he fainted in Zhao Yuxing’s arms in pain.

When Wang Yiwei was injured, Zhao Yuxing was ordered by Master Yang to go up the mountain to collect medicine. Once when she went up the mountain, she met the old man Zhang who stole meat the last time. Old man Zhang was reciting a poem against him. When he saw Zhao Yuxing go up the mountain dejectedly, she immediately got there. Before joking about what she was doing, Zhao Yuxing reminded him not to get in the way, picking a beautiful fruit and preparing to eat it, Lao Zhang immediately stopped her from saying that the fruit is poisonous. Fortunately, Zhang reminded in time that this fruit is really poisonous.

The two were chatting, and suddenly they encountered a person who had the disease and fainted on the ground. Zhao Yuxing was about to step forward to help. The old Zhang head immediately grabbed her. The disease is very easy to spread. He walked to the front to help the infected person home. , Acupuncture and medicated diet quickly cured the patient. Seeing that his medical skills were so profound, Zhao Yuxing immediately decided to worship him as a teacher, but Lao Zhangtou had no intention of accepting apprentices. He simply ordered Zhao Yuxing to make more delicious foods for him in the future.

Zhao Yuxing has always been a ghost horse spirit, how could she give up such a good opportunity to take advantage of Lao Zhang’s rest time, immediately made a hot pot outside the courtyard, beautifully called “rejuvenating pot”, Lao Zhang praised the delicacy of the bottom of the pot. However, she was only sloppy about accepting disciples. Anyway, Zhao Yuxing had confidence. She decided to continue to bribe the old Zhangtou in the future.

It was late at night and Li Caihuang was still serving Wang Yiwei with all his heart. Seeing Wang Yiwei’s gaunt, Li Caihuang was very self-blame and couldn’t help complaining why Li Caihuang gave up her life to save her, and the two of them had the same illness and pity each other. Wang Yiwei persuaded her to pay attention to her body.

Zhao Yuxing was still cooking at Lao Zhangtou, and suddenly heard her neighbor Cuihua coming to Lao Zhangtou. Cuihua said that her child was infected with a strange disease. Lao Zhangtou went out to collect medicine. Zhao Yuxing stayed at Cuihua’s house to take care of the sick child all night. Finally, in the early hours of the morning, Lao Zhangtou came back from picking medicine. Seeing Zhao Yuxing staying on the bed all night, Lao Zhangtou was very moved and immediately decided to accept him as a disciple. Anticipating the seriousness of the epidemic in the village, Zhang Tou asked Zhao Yuxing to bring a lot of herbs down the mountain, and he also gave Wang Yiwei some wound medicine for Zhao Yuxing to take back together.

Yue Zonglin missed Zhao Yuxing very much in the deep palace, and he decided to take “Little Er” to Fuling in a few days. Yan Huanyue ran to Yue Conglin when she was fine. This time she mustered up the courage to make a bold confession. Yue Conglin let the servants around her throw Yan Huanyue out, so angry that Yan Huanyue couldn’t help but right. Yue Conglin yelled at him and said he didn’t know good people.

Yue Conglin took the “Little Er” to see Zhao Yuxing. Zhao Yuxing hugged him happily. Old Zhang was very satisfied with the young Junlang and reminded him that if he failed Yue Zonglin in the future, he would definitely let him. He was paralyzed. Yue Conglin brought Zhao Yuxing to the stream, and the two people complained to each other. Yue Conglin couldn’t help kissing Zhao Yuxing. The river was gurgling, and Yang Liuyi, Zhao Yuxing flushed with embarrassment, quickly pushed him away.

Since then, Zhao Yuxing has always paid attention to the scenes of Fuling’s doctor when he was treating illnesses. She wanted to be a good doctor. Li Caihuang quietly pulled Zhao Yuxing aside. She felt that Wang Yiwei’s appearance was caused by her, and she felt very sorry. Since Wang Yiwei will be barren in the future, she wants to take care of Wang Yiwei forever.

Zhao Yuxing couldn’t help but make ideas for Li Caihuang. He accompanied the emperor in the palace like a tiger. There were many concubines around the emperor, but there was only one Li Caihuang in Wang Yiwei’s heart. Even though Li Caihuang had committed himself to the emperor, Wang Yiwei would She didn’t dislike it in the slightest. Instead, she would choose Wang Yiwei and follow Wang Yiwei. But this is always Li Caihuang’s lifelong event, and Zhao Yuxing let her make her own decision.

The epidemic situation near Fuling became more and more serious. The palace already knew about it, and the emperor immediately sent many doctors from the palace to prepare to fight the epidemic. Zhe Li quietly greeted the Mu Yuan judge who had gone to Fuling to support him. He told the Mu Yuan to sentence Fuling to Fuling and immediately urged Master Yang to complete the tasks he had given him.

Yan Huanyue heard that Yue Zonglin was going to Fuling, and immediately made a lot of cakes for him, but Yue Zonglin refused. The plague in the village became more and more serious, and Zhang Tou wrote Zhao Yuxing a prescription for treating the epidemic, and asked Zhao Yuxing to go directly to Fuling to fight the epidemic. Master Yang quietly stuffed the clothes of the person who died of the disease under Li Caihuang’s clothes, preparing to let Li Caihuang contract the disease and die on her own.

The hospital judged that after seeing the epidemic situation, Yue Conglin immediately closed the village decisively and announced that all people in the village would be blocked from going out in the future. The hospital judged that there is a shortage of medicinal materials for the epidemic.

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