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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 11 Recap

Mrs. Yang reminded Wang Yiwei that the construction period should not be delayed because of the two criminal women serving sentences, otherwise no one can bear the consequences. However, Wang Yiwei felt that letting two women with no hands to bind the chicken to the construction site was the delay. He heard Wang Yiwei’s words , Master Yang was furious, and he immediately punished Wang Yiwei. Upon seeing this, Zhao Yuxing took away the steel ball in Master Yang’s hand, and then stood in front of Master Yang to remind him that he must not get angry anymore. Now he is very ill. If he does not listen to her, he will soon die. .

Master Yang was half-trusted, and then Zhao Yuxing brought together the bad symptoms that Master Yang encountered recently. If she said nothing wrong, Master Yang couldn’t help being scared. If it is really like Zhao Yuxing’s life is not long, it is really true. It’s a big loss.

Zhao Yuxing immediately patted his chest and said that he used to cook medicated food for the emperor. As long as she was sent to the dining room to work, he believed that his liver disease would be cured in a month or two. Master Yang immediately believed it to be true and treated her and Li Caihuang Send to the pantry to do things.

After Mr. Yang came out, Li Caihuang and Wang Yiwei finally breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Zhao Yuxing was clever, otherwise I really don’t know what will happen in the future. Wang Yiwei took Zhao Yuxing and Li Caihuang to the dining room. The chef inside, Aunt Chang Hong, was very kind and spoke very outspoken. She usually has a good relationship with Wang Yiwei. Since Wang Yiwei led in, Aunt Hong is naturally much more kind to them.

Wang Yiwei saw that they had been injured in the prison, so he immediately went outside to ask them for a doctor. Zhao Yuxing saw that Wang Yiwei still had the original intention for Li Caihuang, so he quickly pulled Li Caihuang into the house and asked her whether the person she loved the most was Wang Yiwei or the emperor. Li Caihuang was also confused. Zhao Yuxing had guessed that her favorite was the emperor, but with the current situation, Zhao Yuxing told her not to tell Wang Yiwei the truth, worrying that Wang Yiwei would have a nervous breakdown after learning the truth.

Yue Zonglin arranged the affairs of Fuling and returned to his life. The emperor couldn’t wait to ask if Concubine Mei had brought him anything. Hearing that Concubine Mei had nothing to say, Emperor Yongzheng was very disappointed. In the evening, Yue Zonglin was teasing “Little Er” at home, Zhao Yuxing went to Fuling, and the only one who accompanied him at the moment was “Little Er”. Thinking of the moments when he was with Zhao Yuxing, Yue Zonglin missed her very much.

One day, Zhao Yuxing made old duck soup in the dining room. This kind of thing is the best way to replenish the body. She is preparing to replenish the body of Li Caihuang Shengtang. Mrs. Yang has a dog nose and walks to the dining room following the fragrance. Zhao Yuxing and Li Caihuang immediately cooperated. Li Caihuang guided Mrs. Yang to do aerobics. Zhao Yuxing quickly replaced the old duck soup with a weight loss soup and put croton in it. Mrs. Yang thought it was a special medicated diet for him. After drinking a large bowl, the diarrhea continued. The next day, Master Yang walked to Zhao Yuxing prostratively and asked what was going on. Zhao Yuxing encouraged him to insist on taking medicated food. Now is the time to take effect.

Concubine Shu gave the emperor a cloak, and the emperor knew Concubine Shu’s thoughts at a glance. It turned out to be an implied emperor that her brother Zheli would give up fighting for his sister. The emperor couldn’t help laughing, this concubine Shu was so naive, he had already seen Zheli’s ambitions clearly.

Late at night, when Wang Yiwei came to see Li Caihuang, Zhao Yuxing squatted outside the door to guard. Suddenly, Master Yang saw Zhao Yuxing squatting at the door when he was on the way to the cottage, and he became suspicious that he had to enter the house to search. Zhao Yuxing quickly hinted to the two people in the house. Fortunately, Li Caihuang was alert, and quickly hid Wang Yiwei. Master Yang did not find anything. After he left, Wang Yiwei confessed to Li Caihuang that he was going to take her to a far place, and never asked about the affairs of the palace again. Li Caihuang did not answer, and said that he would consider it for a few days. .

Master Yang was too weak due to diarrhea. He sneaked into the dining room to see what medicine Zhao Yuxing gave him. It happened that Zhao Yuxing arrived at the dining room. She knew Master Yang’s thoughts and immediately urged that she was trying to detox him. Master Yang showed a fierce look. He felt that Zhao Yuxing must have given him medicine. The doctors had treated him before. His condition is not that serious. At most, he can take two sets of tonics for conditioning. Zhao Yuxing immediately reminded him that the doctors deliberately deceived him. He is the most official in Fuling. How could the doctor tell him the truth about his illness. Zhao Yuxing said that it was not without reason, Master Yang immediately promised to give her some silver taels and let her go to the market to buy some warming medicated meals.

Zhao Yuxing went to the market with silver tassels. It has been a long time since the market was so lively. Zhao Yuxing bought three catties of meat and a few kidneys. An old man at the market saw Zhao Yuxing bought three catties of mutton, so he tolerated it. Not staying behind quietly followed, taking advantage of her to go fishing by the river, and quickly ate Zhao Yuxing’s roasted meat.

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