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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 10 Recap

The Suzaku is an ominous thing that loses the dragon and harms the country. The emperor often sees it in the nightmare. He issued a ban many years ago that the Suzaku is not allowed to appear in the palace, and the Suzaku is exactly the same as the one in the dream. Locked Li Caihuang and Zhao Yuxing.

Zhao Yuxing immediately clarified to Li Gonggong that a person named Lin Gonggong had told them. The emperor questioned him on the spot, but Lin Gonggong claimed that he had been wronged. The queen did not intercede for Li Caihuang and Zhao Yuxing. Soon Zhao Yuxing and Li Caihuang accepted. By the imperial edict, the imperial edict has already announced: the two of them will be executed outside the Meridian Gate tomorrow. Zhao Yuxing and Li Caihuang were completely stunned. It seems that they really can’t stand up this time!

Grandpa Lin received a night pearl from Hong’er as a reward. Concubine Shu promised at the beginning that he would be there to serve him when things were done . Li Caihuang and Zhao Yuxing were imprisoned. In order to avoid right and wrong, Concubine Shu asked Grandpa Lin to take a moment. An uncomfortable. Zhe Li got the “Xiao Er” and wanted to kill it, but he happened to meet Yue Zonglin. Yue Zonglin took the “Xiao Er” away with random excuses.

Yue Conglin went to the imperial dining room with “Little Er” in his arms. He wanted to apologize to Zhao Yuxing, but he heard that the two of them were about to ask for help tomorrow. Yue Conglin immediately interceded with the emperor. The emperor was also very embarrassed. He was the one who issued the ban Li Caihuang and Zhao Yuxing are now blatantly violating the imperial decree. Once they are released, they will inevitably violate Shengwei in the future.

Yue Conglin personally made some food and sent it to the cell nervously. Zhao Yuxing had already seen that he had something on his mind. Yue Conglin had tears in his eyes to reassure them that he would definitely investigate this matter clearly.

In the dead of night, Li Caihuang asked Zhao Yuxing if she was afraid of harm, and enlightened her that there was nothing to be afraid of. Maybe tomorrow we could see her father and sweetheart. When Yue Zonglin came to the imperial dining room, Wen Bichang couldn’t help but blame himself for not telling Zhao Yuxing well. The situation is over. She handed the “Little Er” to Yue Zonglin again, hoping that Yue Zonglin could bring the “Xiao Er”. Stay alive outside the palace.

In the early morning of the next day, Concubine Shu was panicked when he heard the news that the emperor had fainted. The imperial physician also diagnosed that the emperor was likely to be depressed. The queen guessed that this might be related to the news that Concubine Mei was about to be beheaded, so she had an idea.

Outside the Meridian Gate, Zhao Yuxing and Li Caihuang knelt on the ground. When it was time to execute the execution, Li Caihuang was totally desperate. Is it true that the emperor is so cruel to her? Maybe she and Zhao Yuxing will say goodbye to this world in the next second! Yue Zonglin hugged “Little Er” and begged Ma Futa to let them see her pet dog for the last time. Zhao Yuxing immediately spoke to Yue Zonglin and asked him to ask the queen for help.

The empress immediately told Yongzheng that Concubine Mei was the cousin of Empress Yuan. Empress Yuan once told her to take good care of her family. For this reason, the emperor gave their family a death-waiver order, so that the killer cannot be killed before the investigation is clear. Empress Yuan was the emperor’s beloved person, and the emperor also said that she was very serious. Concubine Shu said that it was better to send Zhao Yuxing and Li Caihuang to Fuling. The emperor listened to Concubine Shu’s advice.

Yue Conglin personally sent Zhao Yuxing and Li Caihuang to Fuling. Li Caihuang was full of emotion when she heard that her sweetheart died in Fuling.

Yue Conglin specifically instructed Mr. Yang, the manager of Fuling, to take good care of the two. After Yue Zonglin left, Mr. Yang gave them a house specially. Li Caihuang is very content. They have just escaped the decapitation and have a stand. The place couldn’t be better.

The next day, Li Caihuang and Zhao Yuxing were still doing coolies like many handymen in Fuling. They packed the scattered stones into the dustpan and did not move too slowly, otherwise they would be flogged. Li Caihuang never did it. After this kind of hard labor, she was whipped into a coma, Zhao Yuxing and the leader’s theory, Wang Yiwei rushed to see the unconscious Li Caihuang, he was stunned.

Li Caihuang gradually regained consciousness and saw Wang Yiwei. He thought that he had already arrived at Yin Cao’s netherworld, but Wang Yiwei was still alive. But after all, they reunited, and Wang Yiwei took them to the place to rest. Li Caihuang couldn’t help wiping her tears. She confessed that she was no longer the original Li Caihuang, because after entering the palace, she is now the emperor’s person. Wang Yiwei did not dislike her, but instead blamed herself for not taking care of them.

Master Yang heard that Wang Yiwei had taken the people away. Zheli had told him that the two of them could not stay. Master Yang asked the handyman to take Li Caihuang and Zhao Yuxing back.

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