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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 26 Recap

My uncle’s family invited Xu Yiren to dinner, and wanted to trouble Xu Yiren to help Yu Qing find a job. Xu Yiren refused, and her aunt admitted that she was too impulsive and didn’t know what to do to get Xu Yiren’s forgiveness, and even wanted Xu Yiren to beat herself. Yu Qing claimed that she was jealous of Xu Yiren since she was a child, and was afraid that she would take away the care she deserves, and that’s why she always robbed her.

Yu Qing didn’t want to lose her sister Xu Yiren, but wanted to start over with her and get along well. Xu Yiren couldn’t bear to look at his uncle in embarrassment, thinking that he was already his only relative in the world, and promised him to consider Yu Qing’s work.

Xu Yiren told Fang Zhiyou about her soft-hearted things. Fang Zhiyou understood her feelings and believed that her uncle treated her sincerely. Xu Yiren remembered that her former aunt always gave good fruits to her sister, and her uncle would secretly stuff herself a big red apple in her schoolbag. Xu Yiren has never seen her uncle begging herself, and intends to ask Fangzhi to give Yu Qing a job opportunity. Fang Zhiyue agreed to talk to He Yuwen.

When He Yuwen discovered Yu Qing’s resume, she knew she wanted to give her priority. He Yuwen promised to recruit her, but if she did not perform well, she would not stay. When Yu Qing came to the company on the first day, her colleagues assigned her a lot of work, and her attitude was very cold. Yu Qing could only endure it silently. Xu Yiren personally made coffee for He Yuwen and said that she was very happy because the sister Wen who recruited herself into the company and treated herself like her sister is back. Although He Yuwen smiled on her face, she threw the sugar into the trash after Xu Yiren left.

Li Zhe asked Fang’s doctor about his father’s condition. The doctor said that the matter involved the patient’s privacy, so it was not convenient to answer. The Moon Bay project has officially started, and I know I am ready to reward everyone. Yu Qing said that she knew a place suitable for everyone to play together.

As soon as I know I asked Xu Yiren for his opinion, Xu Yiren said that the place Yu Qing chose was very good. Knowing that he had immediately decided to go to this place. Gu Bo sighed with emotion that some of his sister-making skills were getting better and better, and he showed in front of the whole company that he only cares about Xu Yiren’s opinions. Xu Yiren said that Gu Bo was also good, coaxing Charlotte to be happy every day.

Xu Yiren thinks that Gu Bo should confess his family situation to Shatty as soon as possible. Now that her mother knows about it, she will get help sooner or later. Gu Bo was afraid that Shatty would be angry because of her lies, and would ignore herself in a fit of anger. After thinking about it, Gu Bo decided to propose to Xia Di and tied her to herself first so that she wouldn’t be angry with herself.

Li Zhe put the doctor’s words to Xu Yiren. Xu Yiren thought that there was no problem with the doctor protecting the patient’s privacy. Li Zhe said that he did not find a good assistant, and the assistant told him that some fathers who knew that he did not have Alzheimer’s disease were just due to work pressure and high blood pressure.

Li Zhe believes that Fang Zhiyou’s father has always been a hypocrite, and he is full of lies in order to achieve his goals. Li Zhe wanted Xu Yiren to see clearly what kind of person the Fang family was. He hadn’t regretted it at all, and he would never forgive him. Xu Yiren believed that she couldn’t say anything based on her assistant’s words, and Li Zhe asked her to find a way to prove it and find out the truth.

At this time, Fang Zhiye returned home and wanted to chat with his father. Dad said that he knew all the things that had happened to Fangyuan Company over the years, even if he didn’t recognize himself, he would not care about this son. Fang Zhiyou mentioned the events of the year, thinking that his father would cheat himself in order to achieve his goal. Fang’s father said that Li Zhe’s father had never lied to others. He was only bad luck and became a scapegoat for others.

If he was not himself in court, Li Zhe’s father would have lost even worse. Fang Zhiyou is still worried about the matter. Fang’s father confessed to him, hoping to get his son’s apology. Fang knows that he is not the person who should apologize to his father, and Fang’s father insists on not bowing his head. Fang Zhiyou insisted that he would not give up. If his father really cares about himself, he should think about it.

Shi Yu begged to know that she was living at home tonight, but she couldn’t bear to refuse her sister and lay in a daze in the room. The next day, Fang Zhiyou returned home, and Xu Yiren discovered that Fang Zhiyou had a cold. Fang Zhiyou hugged Xu Yiren in his arms, saying that he was just a little tired from work. He never thought that he would be able to return home again, thinking of the good memories at home as a child, and mixed feelings in his heart.

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