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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 25 Recap

The dark messenger found that both the peacock and the wild chrysanthemum were interested in Yang Jian, so he reported to his family, falsely claiming that he had come to the queen by the demon emperor’s order, and persuaded the two to cooperate with him, secretly prescribe medicine to change his mind and let him control.

Nezha wanted to sign up for a martial arts contest, but he was rejected because of his low status. In desperation, everyone had no choice but to think about other ways, and decided to go to the Pentagram to find out what happened, just to find that the peacock was changing the way of the formation. The little dragon girl read the conversation between the peacock and the queen through her lips, and learned that the peacock had eliminated the previous loopholes and the earrings were completely useless. If you want to cast spells in the future, you can only succeed by relying on spells.

However, when Peacock told the spell, she actually blocked her mouth with her hand, and the little dragon girl couldn’t snoop. For the present, she can only rely on Feng Xiaoge to use the beautiful man’s plan and take the opportunity to put out the spell mantra. Feng Xiaoge was shocked and cried again and again, because he had been punished by the peacock for stealing earrings without authorization last time, and now he has to repeat his tricks, I am afraid it will be difficult to complete the task.

In the next few days, Yang Jian frequently displayed his personal charm, whether it was playing the flute or practicing martial arts, he could provoke a lot of women. Yang Jian received the Queen’s deep love and was also inexplicably familiar with the Queen. However, thinking about the previous explanation of Guanyin Master, he simply continued to deploy the plan and notified Nezha and others to cooperate.

Yang Jian knows that the queen wants women to be in power, but because women have been bullied by men, and now it is counterproductive, it should be to let her know the truth. Yang Jian specially prepared a set of coarse cloth and pretended to be ordinary people with her. First, he went to the beach to enjoy the scenery and presented portraits with his own hands in an attempt to truly influence him. Then he took the queen to the city to investigate public opinion.

Nezha and Xiaolongnv pretend to be an affectionate couple, deliberately staged a drama in front of the Queen that is not afraid of the law and sympathetic to each other. The queen was deeply touched, especially seeing women in the street abusing her husband. Comparing with the picture just now, she suddenly felt uncomfortable. After returning to the palace, the queen decided to end the martial arts competition tomorrow, she would choose a good day to marry Yang Jian, and announced the abolition of the decree on the day of marriage. From then on, within the boundaries of Shenhuo Nation, men and women are equal.

Peacock and Ye Ju saw that the Queen was dissatisfied with the change of the original intention of the founding of the country because of the foreign men, and insisted on letting the Queen take her life back. The queen was annoyed by the two people’s doubts, and directly warned them and ordered them to act according to the edict. The peacock and the wild chrysanthemum obeyed the surface, and privately began to discuss seeking power to usurp the throne.

The Ugly Prime Minister discovers that the crystal ball has been stolen and infers that the water spirit should have done it. Snake Ji led the crowd to search the water elf room, only to find that the water elf’s eyes flickered, and she kept looking at the pillow, immediately guessing that the crystal ball was placed in the pillow. The Ugly Prime Minister and the water elves fought each other, and they missed to smash the crystal ball. Originally, Snake Ji wanted to poison the water elves, but then she realized that the token spell was not known, so let her go for a while. Take out the real crystal ball from under the table.

As the pentagram has been changed and the body protection stone is ineffective, Yu Ji had to start with the dark messenger, and accidentally discovered that the dark messenger was actually in the competition liquor. Feng Xiaoge asked the spell to no avail, but while the peacock was sleeping, she found a five-pointed star formation on her leg, which contained all the methods to break the formation.

On the day of the martial arts competition, the dark messenger served medicated drinks, and Yang Jian played against Peacock and Wild Ju, so he set aside free time for Nezha and others to break the battle.

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